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Rules, gotta have em..


Partnering Rules


            *Things the Keep in Mind *

  1.         When writing your story, keep in mind that unless your persona is an elf, half elf, wizard, or drank from the fountain of Youth. The dragon will outlive that persona. Eienic dragons live from 1 to 2 thousand years, Golds and silvers even longer.  These dragons dont bond as strongly as do Pernese, Nemistan, Danachian, Alskyrian, or any other bonding world, they exist in a partnership and either dragon or rider would survive and could bond again if the other died, however I do recognize that this would be harder for the rider to do.
  2.          Each dragon color has a basic personality description, this is how I judge which persona gets which color. If your personality fits a green but you have a gold worthy page you will get a green, that green however will be of high class and ranking. Color determines nothing on Eien, wits, strength, and valor are the deciding factors.
  3.         Granted each color is different, but in each color there are winners and losers, what your dragon will accomplish is totally up you the rider, I only give basics.


*General Rules *

  1.      You have to have a page with a story, no story, no dragon. All Eienic dragons are special and Ill have none just sitting on a page doing nothing. They are my creation and I wont have them go like Pernese dragons.  Ill accept reserves, but only to a point. Eienic clutches will be small, from 4 to 12 eggs per clutch no matter what the colors are.  In a 4 egg clutch Ill take 1 reserve maybe 2, in a 12, Ill take 4 to 5, it all depends on clutch size.
  2.      PG-13 everyone, no pornography, nothing nasty, nothing prejudicial , etc Ill accept some violence since Eien is a world in the midst of War, but dont get to gory or graphic, I do hate that kind of stuff.
  3.    Make you page nice and presentable. Personally Im not an HTML wiz and I dont expect everyone else to be. Tripod, Angelfire, Dreamwater, all are good page builders for html illiterates like myself. ^_^ Please scratch the flashing lights and neon colors, spare my eyes that torment.
  4.     On the form, please put Ar gul brei surean u qell namri. In the comments so I know you read all of this stuff.  I might add a few questions on the form so please read everything.
  5. If you think any or all of these rules are ridiculous, absurd, or only some of them are too restricting, please tell me in the comments. I want to know so I can change them and not chase anyone from Eien.
  6. If you want a particular color, check the color guide here and model your persona after that color. But please I dont want a flood of gold, silvers, and ices. Those will be rare and youll have to have both a matching personality and a good story alright? On another note, my dragons names end in nothing, alright! I HATE that. Everyone is doing it, its like, ok, where else would we have gotten that from but AM? Ive already said it once and Ill say it again because it is a big thorn in my side. Eien is not like Pern! I should ban Pernese personas, but I wont because so many love them and Im not mean like that.  The dragon does come with a name, some dragons may not bond at a hatching, your persona may even get an older dragon, Eien is so different from Pern that if anyone breathes like Pern Ill scream!*calms down* okie I overreacted, oops, well that is my honest opinion everyone, and if you beg to differ thats fine, everyone is entitled to that.
  7. Thats all folks, pretty easy I think and most of the writers out there would do most of this stuff anyway.  Hope nothing is too tough, Good Luck.

  Now that you have read the rules you have 3 options. 1, you can go on to the Form. 2, you can find out about the Ranking system. And 3 you can find out how clutches and flights are handled around here. Like I said, Eien is nothing like Pern and sings to a different tune.

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