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 Last Update: 3/27/05
Well, this circus is just getting started people, cause guess who's back?
Yep, you win the tuna cookie, cause it's me, aka, me, aka, well, yeah.  Wow too much caffeine running through my body right now lmao.
Anyway, I'm working on hosting my own sites on my own comp.  So be on the lookout for that, and this temp. site possibly being moved to geocities for a bit.  But in the meantime, I'm reopening Nylave's clutch, candidates (pokes Shard) and sponsers welcome.  I'm also currently drawing all new images, but let me know if you want the old ones...but I have to recolor them anyway cause I lost all the files...grr.
Hee, anyway, along with opening my own webserver, I'll be starting up a game server, using ragnarok online as a base. I don't know if anyone plays it, but if you do, drop me a line, maybe we play on the same server and you'd be interested in joining mine once I get it running.
That's all for now Bright Skies Eternal
Luna (aka Meagan) and Night green Ruinnth



   Peering over the back of the green dragon you are riding you are shocked at the sight below.  Many people are running every which way, dragons mill about, some bigger then others, some with long silver horns and piercing golden eyes you can see even at this distance.  On the Watchstones a huge red-hued golden queen bugles a clarion call that you can only guess heralds your arrival.  The green begins to spiral down and you gaze about worriedly. The green's rider turns back and grins at you. "Don't worry none, Randith here knows where she's going, and no one will crash into us, not with Sr. Galaxiath controlling traffic." You only nod and continue your vigilence of the surrounding airspace.

  After landing you jump down and bow your head a little to the rider, thanking her.  They middle aged elfwoman who introduced herself as Silme nods and grins again. "Someone will see you here, just flag down the first person you see, me and Randith have to go now and report." With that she nudges the green beauty with her knee and the pair take off.                             

                Moments pass and no one comes, then a shadow passes over head as a large bronze dragon lands near you. Startled you jump back and stare wide-eyed at the man who dismounts.  The first thing you notice is his ageless gray eyes, eyes that could quell the most vehement of protests and inspire courage in all who look into them.  Taking off his helmet the bronzerider runs a hand through his sweat dampened black hair and smiles slightly. "New visitor huh? Did Silme just leave you here?" Lost in his gaze you jump when you hear the rider's deep voice. " I uh, yeah, she said someone would come for me" you say, your eyes held entralled by those godlike eyes. The man nods solemly and extends a hand. "I see, well welcome to Fire Ridge, I'm the Weyrleader L'trel, and this is my bronze Raelynth, if you wish I can escort you to the Sands myself and then to Copper to see about becoming a candidate, or I can call a weyrling to take you wherever you desire." Once he finishes speaking you stand quietly, pondering where you want to go...





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