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 These are the rules and forms for adopting Pernese Dragons  if you are looking for flights go to the flight board, the forms are there. For Eienic, go to the info page, read that, and at the end you'll find that form.

Rules for Dragons
1.  You must have a webpage, no ifs ans or buts! Dragons need a place to live and this rule applies to everyone, no desktop pets ok. On another note, this is a child safe site, no Porn or anything vulgar, I'll be the first one the report it.
2. Candidates are aloowed 4 flits and two large animals, in other words you can have a horse and a gryphon, a bondbird and a gryphon, etc...However, your candidates must be able to take care of thir dragon and we all know that hatchlings are a lot of work.
3.Hm...well since fire Ridge is finally getting a little busy I'll have a seperate rule for gold and rare candidates, your page has to be excellent! I will admit that I'm bias to elves and such but human girls have just as good a chance as any on impressing a gold or rare on my sands. Your gold or rare candidates must be pretty good and since their are alot of gifted writers out there you might want to see what the other candidates stories are and make sure yours is different.
4. YOUR PAGE MUST BE READABLE!!!!  I have bad sight as it is so please spare my poor multi-colored eyes harm ok?
5. Please put Phoenix Rising on the forms so i know you read the rules. your form will be deleted. I'm not kidding I already have since someone ignored rule # 4.
6. Ok not so tough is it? This last rule is very enjoyable and most people would do it anyway, LOVE'EM! dragons need affection so don't neglect them or they will disappear between. Now I understand if you can't update I have that problem myself but at least e-mail me if you are having a problem.

Dragon Impression
1. Name~(real or otherwise)
3. Persona's name~
5.URL~ http://
6.Race~(Elf, human, demon, etc...)
7. Comments~ Might want to read the rules....
Fill out and send via flit to Weyrwoman Copper