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 Lost Dreams

Dreams vanish in the mists of despair

Shadows hide away, unwelcome in this bleak existence

Light fades, diminished in the face of loneliness

While lost dreams waver on the edge of nothing

Power lies, in hope unfound

Shadows return, in the guise of friendship

While light shines, beneath a mask of darkness

And lost dreams return, in the midst of chaos

Innocence lost, hope has been shattered

Darkness falls on unwary souls

While one lives in a tortured existence

Alone, unwanted

Unsure of how to continue

In a life of lost dreams

And a storm filled reality

     But the end has yet to come to the ones who reside here, can you bring hope to their shattered lives? Or shall they be doomed to lie here in the darkness after the light of Impression...

Silver Giliath
  Adopted!!!!!!!By Vyaru
Brown Lominth
  Adopted!!!!!!!By Elokoi!!!!
White Elmoth
  Bonded!!!! To Kacai! in clutch #3
Black Dairruinth
  Adopted!!!!! By Svedok!
!!!!!!!!!!!! Clutch #3 Riderless !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ice female Nylave
Golden male Aumalaen     <= I'm keeping these three for now
Silver male Anorien
Brass Female Narwyn     <= Adopted by Nalyetari
Blue male Truin
Green female Raen      <= Adopted by Melles
Green female Yelva           
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