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              The small green dragon back-winged strongly and kicked up great plumes of sand as she landed.  The green's rider, Silme if you remember correctly, patted her dragons emerald neck and jumped down. You follow suit and look around curiously, a small shed resides under another of those teria trees.  Dark green leaves rustle in the slight breeze as Silme leads you to the building. "This is the drop off point, the runners get really upset if a dragon comes to close so Copper and the beastmaster Lorelli decided on this place and having the stables outside the Weyr Proper." She said by way of explaination. "I'll have to leave now before Lorelli comes to pick you up, the watchdragon on the Heights will see you return and he'll tell me when to come back. Lorelli should be on her way so I'll be going." She waved goodbye and went back to the green, mounting up she sketched a small salute and the pair took off.

            Minutes later the sound of pounding hooves reaches your ears and you shade your eyes fro the sun. Two figures come into sight and take the form of a mounted woman leading one runner trot up.  "Well hello there! Come to see the precious horseflesh?" she said grinning. In one fluid motion she dismounts and stands before you.  Barely reaching your chin her she looks up and grins.  "I'm Lorelli, I run the stables though most of the runners are listed as being owned by Copper, she comes by to visit every so often and a lot of the riders keep there runners here." She runs a hand through her sand colored hair and looks you over. "You look like an ok rider, if you want to come to the stables jump aboard Mardi over there and well be on our way." She turns her back on you and moves over to a black runner, throwing the reins over his head she hands them to you. "He's a good boy, trained him myself." taking them you move to the gelding's side and mount up.

            You both ride for about two minutes before the stable comes into view.  More Teria trees appear, along with the fellis tree and several other native species.  White fences surround numerous grass filled paddocks and several long white painted barns dominate the hardscape. In the exact center a huge Teria tree offers shade to the main office and the grooms quarters.  Lorelli rides close and begins to describe the different areas.  "That's the training barn over there, here at the Stable we train racing runners, riding runners, we also have some of those endurance racers from the desert. We also raise the great war horses from the Terran times.  Over at the Race Track we have different tracks: turf, dirt, endurance, steeple, Jousting field, and a dressage arena.  We specialize in the lost riding arts that were recently restored to the Beastmaster Records. We have some New Stock in from all over Pern, and we also breed horses here, if you want to visit the Bloodstock." She pauses and thinks, counting something on her fingers, "Now that I think about it we occasionally have runners For Sale if youre in that market." With that she waits to see what you want to do.