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                                                  Fire Lizards

            You walk into a room and see, of all things, a wolf. Well ok, so the light brown wolf had falcon like wings, but he definetly had teeth like a wolf!
"Greetings," he says cheerfully. "Here's where you get fire lizard eggs, interested?" Startled you nearly jump out of your skin. Climbing to his feet the wolf pads over to you, a piece of parchment held in his jaws."These are the one's allowed to touch an egg unless they've read the rules." Mutely you accept the paper. he grins, in a wolfish way, "By the way, I'm Ladin the keeper of these eggs, so you had better stay in line!" Now a little frightened, you read on, hoping if you at least look like you read this stuff, Ladin wouldn't have you for dinner.


1. You must provide a link back to my site. 

2. The fire lizard you get will be random, please don't go sifting through them until you get what you want.

3. Only two rare colors are found here, black and white

4. These images are draw and colored by Xalia of Tripaldi Weyr, all credit goes to her, steal them and I'll come after you *evil glare from Ladin* 

5. If you are adopting for a Candidate at this Weyr please do not take more than 2 or 3 per Candidate. I know Menolly had alot but she wasn't a dragonrider!. If you're just adopting to have fire lizards on your pages then please limit it to 5. Also, please don't take more than one metallic...meaning, don't take two golds or a gold  and a bronze unless they are going to different people.Same goes for rares

  A note on rares,they can be either
male or female, you pick.

All done, not too hard? Good, last rule is to give them a good home!

You hand the sheet back to the wolf and he smiles. "Alright then." nosing your hand gently, and in a friendly manner compared to the feigned aggression earlier, he pushes you in the direction of a pile of eggs half covered with sand nestled near a large roaring fire. "They are over there, go, see what destiny will gift you with!"


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