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These flights are open to any non-Pernese dragon

Flight # 4 Males:
Ice Nylave

 Vask  copper-scaled (half-Glenn)

Rider: Riderless

(filler) Iresstoapth

Requirements: Any chasers welcome 

(filler) brown Clioth

Status: Open!                            

(filler ) black Rath

Comments: None


Want to rise/chase here at Otherworld?
Just follow these simple instructions and send the form to Weyrwoman Copper
Your name:
Dragons Name:
Rider's name:(if applicable)
Dragons Color:
Special Attributes: (I.e scaling, duo-wing, etc...)
What world are you from?:
Which female would you like to chase? Ice Nylave
(only if your dragon is rising)
Any requirements for males? (i.e. dark colored dragons only, must have a story, etc...):
What can be expected from your dragons clutch?
Do you want me to draw special images to suit your dragons species?