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All you could know, want to know, or would rather not know about the dragons of Eien.

                                       Eienic Dragon History
           Long ago, during the Chaos Age, a world was forged in the heat of an apocalyptic struggle between Creator and Creation. Born of the blood and suffering of many deities, Eien has been cursed as both the refuge and prison of the surviving gods and goddesses. The One god, Lord of Darkness and Light, Peace and War, All and Nothing, was defeated, these Gods, his sons and daughters, broke free of his slavery and created a place of their own.  Using the old magic now forgotten to all, they created a shield around this world that they couldnt escape, but nor could He come and exact revenge. As a result these six originals soon began to fight amongst themselves, taking sides, all trying to maintain dominance over the others.  Only two remained neutral, Chargon, God of Wisdom and Literature, and Xoren, God of the Forge and Crafting.  Several layers were added to this world. The Star Havens, home to Solostran, Lunariel, and their many children. The mortal plane, where all the creations of the gods dwelled, and the Underworld, or the Endless Chasm, home to Veruni, and Fargones, and all of their children.

            On the mortal plane, life flourished, intelligent beings were created and watched over by the many deities, as these beings became smarter, they thought up other gods to worship, allowing the real Gods to fall into obscurity. This angered both sides, Good and Evil united and sent the dragons to remind the mortals of who the true powers were. But these dragons, with their fiery red eyes and bloodstained scales soon went out of control until only the most powerful of the Gods could control them. These were the Shadow Years, when millions died and the Good Gods wept for the terror these evil dragons caused.  In desperation they created another race of dragons, ones who eyes burned golden in the sun, and whose brilliant scales could never be mistaken for their darker counterparts.

            As these dragons of argent, gold, blue, red, ice, black, brass, purple, green and white took to the skies, the free peoples ran scared, all but one. She was an elven adept named Fyriel, she saw the differences and met with the leader of the good dragons. A huge golden male named Omnivean.  They found peace between them and Fyriel offered all the help she and her people could give to the mighty dragons.  It was a long campaign, and in the end both Fyriel and Omnivean lost their lives in the final struggle, but they took with them all the dark dragons, and set a spell to keep the goods dragons locked in a magical confinement to a nearby moon called now the Dragonstar.

            Memories faded for both long lived elves, short lived humans, and the dwarves in their halls of stone. What was once a dreadful certainty became a laughed about myth, and what should have never been forgotten, was.  Time passed, peace descended, but nothing lasts for long. The one God wasnt finished with his children yet, in a fit of pure rage after eons of trying to break the Barrier, he hurled a huge mountain to the slumbering planet. Releasing the Dark dragons and heralding the return of another Shadow Age.  Chaos reigned, as the unprotected mortals were destroyed by these dragons they had thought gone forever. While the good dragons slept on, oblivious to the terror plaguing their ancient charges. Bound by a pledge they had been forced to make, Lunariel, the Stardancer, and Solostran, could not go and outright awaken the good dragons. They had to be subtle, for even though the evil gods had broken their promise to remain silent observers, the good Gods would not sink to their level.  So they did two things, they aroused an ancient soul from a timeless slumber, gave it life and a new body, and awakened eight dragons. 

            From here the Chronicles begin, and from here all things shall also end.  The good dragons were awakened but could not find a place suitable to raise young dragonlings. When an elf named Copper made an interplanetary jump, they found this new planet suitable for their needs until they could restore the ancient Vales, the great Watch fortresses of dragonkind, to their former glory.


Eienic Color Personalities


Blue (male)~ Steadfast and strong, the blues are good dragons that pack a punch if directed properly.  They make great fighters and are excellent Travelers if matched with a complimentary rider.


Red (female)~ High spirited and beautiful the reds are very flirtatious and quite stunning.  But watch out in battle, their vicious fire attacks are deadly when released. Reds are intelligent and when matched with a strong willed rider can make it all the way to 1st class.


Purple (male)~ Purples are very carefree and lovable. They like nothing more then to relax and enjoy the simple things in life like eating and sleeping.  However when aroused, it takes a lot to calm an enraged purple down.


Green (female)~ Greens are the smallest of the good dragons, and the fastest.  Greens, with their lightning speed, are good travelers and ever better Wing messengers, who carry messages from the aerial Wingleaders, to the ground troop Commanders and Generals.


Coppers (male)~ The fiery coppers are tough and know it. They are a very arrogant dragon, and more then one has been seen with a singed tail from another dragon who had heard enough.  While they are not suited to being Travelers of Trainers at any level, they make good leaders if the Wing can stand the boasts after a battle.


Brass (female)~ The great Brass females make the best mothers. With their never-ending patience and gentle ways the brasses are healer dragons lacking only the Healing Powers of an Ice dragon, thus they are usually paired, the Brasses catching fallen dragons and bringing them to the Ices.


Two-tones (either)~ The two-tones have no real general personality; usually they are a mix of both parental traits, as well as color.


White (either)~ The white dragons immunity to cold and small size make them invaluable in the upper Wings, where the air is the coldest. Lightning fast like the greens they use long talons and a whip like tail to slash their enemies.


Gold (either)~ The largest of the dragons, the smallest being 50 feet, the golds generally live the longest and have a higher intelligence then even humans. They strictly partner a human, never truly bond, because both sides could survive easily by themselves.  Golds have a serene patience and an aura of peace and tranquility that is enviable. They are brilliant tacticians and when paired with a silver or black can be devastating to the enemy.


Silver (either)~  Second only in size to the golds, the dragons of argent are the luckiest. Normally this wouldnt be a trait but silvers have the uncanny ability to wiggle out of tough situations and make guesses that are almost always correct. However they are intelligent enough not to let this get to their head, they are always ready for the day this luck may run out. Silvers love the power of flight and the thrill of freedom, they are hurt the most by the dark dragons tyranny and fight the hardest to end their dominance over Eien.


Ice(female, rarely male)~ Ice dragons are as beautiful to the eye as they are to the heart. Named only for their color they are very outgoing and personable.  Their special trait is their Healing Powers and intelligence. Usually paired with a full grown Brass, Ices help save the world by keeping everyone in top shape. They are smaller then Reds, and slimmer, thus they need the strength of a Brass to help them.


Blacks(either)~ Powerful magic users, the blacks love illusions and changing shape.  They have fiery tempers but also a healthy sense of humor. They are fond of playing practical jokes and are regarded by most as benevolent tricksters.  Blacks also have stubborn streaks and have a wildness about them that is terrifying when they fly into battle.

Rules and Info

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