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Basic Information on the ranks and classes.

  Classes and Ranks

    Instead of being judged by color and size alone, the dragons of Eien are judged by the strength of their will to succeed and their valor in battle. While generalities  such as the fact that most greens and blues are 3rd class, exceptions are always possible and encouraged.  Ranks are in place amongst the 3 classes as steps for dragons and riders to climb so they can reach the pinnacle of their abilities. The higher the Rank in a Class the more leadership one has in that Class. It is possible to move from class to class, but for a 3rd class to make it to 1st class is very rare, but still possible.

.   3rd class dragons are the main body of a Vale and vital to a fighting wing. Without them their would be no fighters and thus no Wing. Though smaller and somewhat dumber, requiring mortal assistance to follow instructions, 3rd classes are very courageous. 

1st rank 3rd class~ Wingseconds, Wingthirds, and Training Jrs.  (assisting the  Training Master)

2nd rank 3rd class~ Wingthirds, Training Jrs. Travelers

3rd rank 3rd class~ (called the Masi~ MAY-sigh~) Can only be Wingriders.

   2nd class dragons are smarter and are generally characterized by their ram horns. Some have spiral horns with a hook on the end, which can curve up or down. This class is the least restricting, any dragon can do anything, from Wingrider to Wingleader. For 2nd classes the sky is no longer the limit.

1st rank 2nd class~ Wingleaders for any level below theirs. Wingseconds, Trainingmasters.

2nd rank 2nd class ~ Wingseconds, Travelers, Wingriders.

   1st  class dragons are just that, first class.  As intelligent as any human or elf,  the 1st 's  are the ultimate leaders and decision makers, though there is always a representative for every color when the Dragon Council roles around.  Only a 1st can be Vale-leader or the Lady of the Vale.

1st rank 1st class~ Very rare, they can be Vale-leader or Lady, maybe Wingleader if there are more then two.

2nd rank 1st class~  Wingleaders and Wingseconds.

3rd rank 1st class~ Traveler, Wingseconds, or a Wingrider if so desired.

           Color standings and the class at birth

    While not binding, a dragon is born with a class, and starts at 3rd  rank. Unless of course the dragon wants to go down all the way to the Masi level.

                                 3rd class                                2nd class                  1st class

                                Blue                                        Copper                                   Gold

                                Green                                     Brass                                        Silver

                                Red                                         Two-tone                               Ice

                                Purple                                     White                                     Black

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