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Clutch and Flight information and basic restrictions

                Class and color distribution among clutches

   The two parent colors are dominant in a clutch unless the parents are of the same color, but this only happens in the higher classes, where the clutches are smaller.  If two 2nd s fly each other the clutch will be mostly 2nd classes with a scattered 3rd, rarely a 1st. if a 1st flies a 2nd , the clutch will be mostly 2nd s with  scattered 1st s. Basically the mothers class decides the clutches dominate class. Since all hatchlings start at 3rd rank, the rank of the parents doesnt matter.

         If a two-tone flies, or is flown by, another color the clutch will be mostly two-tones, with the color of the solid parent as the base and variants of all colors present. Solids of the solid parent will also appear.

Clutch size and Flights

   The clutch size depends mostly on the flight, though the higher the class the smaller the size.  They never number above 12 or below 4, why? Well, for 4 reasons.

1.        I don't want Eien to go like Pern

2.       I have a life and I don't want to sit forever waiting for clutches to fill.

3.       I don't have time to write super long hatching stories.

4.       Traffic is pretty low and like I said, I don't want to wait and keep people waiting forever.

  Mating flights are vicious, reason abandons the dragons and some don't even remember the flight when the moment is past.  It is up to the riders to keep their dragons in line mentally. Blooding is not required and flights are not long and generally above water. (to cushion those that are unlucky enough to get close to the female when she is still enraged.)  While they are open to all classes, it is not recommended for a 3rd to chase a 1st. 2nd 's can chase anyone or be caught by anyone, just keep in mind that in a flight, size does matter.

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