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Flight # 5 Ice Nylave

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       In the night, strong emotions reign supreme, inhibitions are lost and desire is the most alluring mistress. With the ancient dragons of Eien, things are much the same, else their race would have died out long ago, and so it was most surprising to those of the Nursery and Fire Ridge that ice Nylave had yet to take to the skies. Months had passed since she first demanded her name be added to the flight listing and yet nothing happened. Only four males had shown interest and in all honesty, the delicate ice dragon was slightly insulted.
        So she decided to play a game.
       The ferocity of a mating female Eieinic  was not well known amoung the residents of Fire Ridge, but rumors made sure that extreme measures were taken to make sure flights were flown before the dangerous point where a female's hormones overwhelmed her sense of self.  The riders of these dragons played a big part in these preperations, once going as far as to incite the female to fly before she even knew she wanted to. (second Private flight between silver Argynyl and nightstorm Ruinae -no clutch resulted this time)
     Nylave not only believed these rumors, she knew they were true. Secretly she had been returning to Eien and scowering the libraries on the mage island of Anloran, the great elven cities Elhellond, Glenhaven, and Arrowhead.  Along with the various human citadels of Illarney, White Falls, and Marfa.  And Nylave had no rider, and with her caretakers worried about a new hatchling from the Tripaldi FGPC, she had free rein.
- - - - - - - - - -
     Icy blue wings fanned gently in the breeze blowing over the uppermost ridges of the secluded bottle neck gorge that housed the Fire Ridge nursery complex.  Calm golden eyes eyed her surroundings with an uncharacteristic nonchalance that, had anyone been paying attention, would have been alarming. Nylave was never nonchalant and thoughtful. She acted first, had fun second, then flipped off the consequences and no one had been able to break her of it yet.   Today was different though, every line of her body buzzed with anticipation and strength, her icy scales glittered in the sun and with her own magic, magic that had slowly begun to writhe around her mind and send passion coursing through her veins.
     On the valley floor, near a small lake that housed a rare species of fish brought from Eien, an immense black shape uncurled itself from the shade of a rocky overhang. Golden eyes blinked languidly and the creature stretched, inky wings held tight against his muscled body as he looked around, trying to place what had awoken him from slumber. Rath's nostrils twitched then, recognizing a strange scent, so he craned his sinuous neck around to peer up at the high ridge. Gold eyes met gold eyes and something passed there, it was more then a challenge, it was assurance of defeat, and the black dragon found it, mixed with that seductive scent, addicitive. Silently he roused himself fully and stepped out from under the rocky edifice, wings half spread as he scanned the skies for challengers.
   To the east, where the sun glinted off his copper scales, another immense dragon roused as well. For a while now he had been watching the icy dragoness, his own spirit calling to hers in a way neither could deny, yet she would. Despite his foreign nature, Nylave had accepted his advances when she accepted no others and when he looked at her now, he saw in every line of her body that he would have to win not only her body in this flight, but her mind as well, and put all his words to action. But Vask would do it, he had no qualms with showing this female he could not only win her body, but  her heart as well.
   Also awoken by the sense of urgency and the scent was the small brown dragon Clioth, a surprise contender who had done this from a bet. near him, the lone Raug dragon Iresstorapth also fanned his wings and even lept into the air to circle above the female who watched him speculatively for a moment, then dismissed him. She knew who her true contenders were, and with the stunning warble of a lusty female, she vanished, teleporting high above the clouds where the cool air currents stoked the fire within.
    Instantly Rath teleported as well, taking himself higher then any dragon had ever dared, leaving the other three to fly after the female the old way. Above Nylave now, Rath beat his wings to catch a strong current and soared along easily, for like Nylave, he knew what was in store for any that approached her now. Since he was already in the air, Iress' had a slight lead over the others, but copper Vask was rapidly gaining, and the white-rainbow-copper dragon knew he couldn't contend with Vask in this flight unless he won it now. Straining his rainbow wings, the big male surged forward with greater speed, catching a rising thermal and riding it to within sight of the darting dragoness. Seeing one of her suitors, Nylave crooned encouragement, her eyes taking on a dangerous glint as she slowed a little to allow Iress' to catch up. Seeing his luck, Iress' surged forward again, only to be me with flashing teeth and cruel talons as the smaller female whipped around and attempted to savage him.