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Gold Sarabeth and Carmel Swirl Dulceth

(written by Luna)


                As cliché as it was, the call rang out midday on perhaps the most beautiful day of the year that the clutch of Gold Sarabeth was rocking.  Not that anyone minded, the aspect of not having to run through rain, get up at positively unholy hours, or fight through tearing wind appealed to everyone. The Weyrleaders in particular.


                "I take you heard the news Ltrel?" Copper asked her weyrmate playfully as the gray eyed Weyrleader threw on some clothing. Taking the initiative offered by a sevenday without thread, Ltrel had slept in for once, catching up on much needed sleep. Copper, on the other hand, had gotten up as was usual and had been in the middle of going through the transfer papers when her lazy reddened gold Galaxiath had informed her of the hatching eggs. Ltrel only growled in response as he slipped a dark green tunic over his muscular chest, lacing it up only halfway as he expected to go right back to sleep afterward. And perhaps Ill join you love, we wont be needed until tonight. The elf whispered soothingly into the mind of her weyrmate and soulbonded. Standing and stretching she smiled when Ltrel blinked up at her in surprise. What? Cant a busy weyrwoman get some R and R these days? she asked, deciding that she didnt really need straps to stay aboard Galaxiath for the short ride down to the Hatching Grounds.


                Ltrel only shook his head, leading the way out of their private weyr and onto the ledge where both of their dragons awaited them. I suppose a busy Weyrwoman could do for a little more then R and R. the Weyrleader commented over the wind of the combined downsweep of bronze and reddened gold wings as they sprang aloft for the easy glide across the weyrbowl. I second that ridermine, let Shazi do the paperwork, shes going to be weyrwoman soon anyway. Copper laughed as they entered the immense caverns, scratching the downy soft neck under her.  Not likely, shes one of the ones who wants to transfer! To Falas she says, and Ladys Eyes she wants Glen and Rath to go with her! The immense gold only harrumphed moodily, causing Copper to chuckle again. No worries love, we still have Maevean and Argynyl to harass, and Im sure Zhaneel wouldnt mind helping now would she? I suppose they could survive long enough for the four of us to go on a little vcation. Copper stopped laughing immediantly, behind low over her dragons neck. And since when were the four of us going on vacation? Since this morning. Raelynth interjected smoothly, echoed by his rider.  Really? but Copper let the subject drop, for now, there was a hatching to attend to.


                They had landed none to soon, for just as Copper and Ltrel made seats for themselves in the cushioned embrace of their dragons forearms, golden Sarabeth let out a stunning warble as two eggs hatched simultaneously, revealing a bronze and a beautifully patterned green.


                The bronze showed an infinite amount of charisma as he pranced proudly over the sands to where a young man stood tensely, eyes watching the other eggs, his brother, and just about everything else except the hatchling now at his feet.  Crooning, the big bronze nudged the young mans legs, announcing himself as Hywesteth just as Kit Harless looked down.  A smile crossed Kits young features as he bent down to wrap his arms around the bronze neck.


The green had by this time also found her rider, basking in the admiration granted her swirling hide as young Hali scratched her still went eyeridges. Yes Nanoth, everyone adores your color. The gril crooned as she led the spectacular hatchling off the sands.


Two hatchlings, matching in size but not in color, hatched next. The slightly larger blue, a boisterous fellow by the name of  Rananth proclaimed his rider to be Shadow, and sealed the deal by plopping down like a dog at the mans feet, whether he liked it or not.  The other, smaller and calmer bronze-white, regarded his clutchmate with distaste before he marched sedately over to Cheler, letting his rider know in quiet tones that his name was Carnigaith.


In the aftermath of the two blues, three more greens and a brown hatched.  The brown, a rich chocolate color, quickly chose Lendahan, as if he were afraid one of his green sisters were going to steal his bonded, and announced himself to be Panarth. The greens looked skeptically over the remaining girls, scoffed at the antics of their paranoid brother, and in the end, green Lavinath chose Kordeta, while the lighter green Gilyth chose Keneya, nuzzling her chosens proffered hand lovingly. the last green, a small lady with beautiful tints of blue prance up to Zoneta, nuzzeling her trustingly and proclaiming herself to be Zaracanth  


Copper leaned forward in her seat as the golden tinted egg shook harder and harder with the efforts of the hatchling within, her heart racing with the deafening hum of the surrounding adult dragons.  And just as the singing reached its highest point, a single hairline fracture appeared on the creamy shell, splitting the egg neatly in half to reveal a dark golden hide. Uncurling, the tiny queen looked about her with wide expressive eyes, almost as if she were surprised at her hatching.  Then she stood gracefully, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and floated over the sands to wait patiently at the feet of Iseri, her eyes whirling in placid blue greens. Iseri, I am Riseath! She announced to all who could hear, unashamed. Will you be mine Iseri? As you are no one elses? But the girls reply was lost in the bugling of dragons, heralding the arrival of the new queen to the world.


Copper smiled, leaning back against Galaxiaths strong forearm, closing her eyes in remembrance of their own impression seventeen years earlier.  They will fly high together mine, just as we have. The Sr. queen whispered reverently in a rare display of unadulterated affection before she turned back to the hatching. Copper sighed contentedly, then gasped and leaned forward again when the latest dragonet broke shell.


Shaking sand from his patterned wingsails, the bronze-brown male arched his neck proudly, preening before the adoring masses before the laughing of his chosen drew his attention. Hey, its my time in the spotlight Kacey, do you mind? Doubling over as the bronze brown did a mock bow to the crowd, who all cheered even louder, Kacey Harless, had to catch his breath between laughs before he could respond. Youll have plenty of spotlight later my dear Electranath, or did you not know of the party after this?


  Finally only three eggs and three candidates remained, and in a finale of exploding shells and tumultuous applause, two greens, and a swirl patterned blue made their entry into the world. The first green, a middle sized deep colored lady, immediately chose Amiculi, then went on to describe how very hungry she was, in the midst of  which she said her name was Fallenath.


The blue, whose beautiful hide was sure to swoon many a green heart, quietly approached Wyll, sniffing the Pegasus companion at his bonded side.  Who, and what, are you? Was all little Kiteth asked before Wyll helped him off the sands to be fed.


The other green made a bigger show of choosing, and since her bonded was the only one left of the sands, Visionths display of prowling around her rider as if she were deciding was quite absurd. Latter, the green explained. All the others had something, or did something special, I didnt want to be the odd one out. Chuckling, Kenin then carefully explained that if everyone else did something special, then wouldnt Visionths hatching been special if she had done nothing at all but hatch?




(falls over and goes to sleep)