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Clutch 3 Silver Argynyl and Nightstorm Ruinae

Written by Luna

*authors note, this story still needs tweaking, read at your own risk

It was an ominous day at Fire Ridge Weyr and the surrounding territory. Summer storms had caused devastating coastal flooding and drove hundreds from their cotholds to the main holds that soon became tightly packed with refugees and their remaining belongings. And as the deadly storms rolled in at the same time every afternoon they brought with them torrential rains and lightning. One foolish rider and his dragon had already been reported killed and the whole Weyr mourned the loss. It was in this setting, at the height of a particularly dangerous storm that made travel difficult, that the eggs that had been hardening on the sands for months, showed signs of hatching.

High overhead, the soft drumming of rain on stone was a soothing lullaby for an already drowsy Maevean and her weyrmate Achel, who had only just been able to get out of bed after a deadly encounter at one of the nearby Holds. On the sands, Maeveans partner Argynyl lay sprawled across the empty part of the sands, her argent wings spread out to dry on the steaming sands after her recent escapade out into the rain to grab and inhale (literally) a herdbeast. A soft snoring could be heard from the quarter that was Achels bond Ruinae.

Through half lidded eyes Maevean watched the resting nightstorm dragon curiously, her eyes traveling over the large males dark blue, almost black scales that in the right light, reflected a bright cerulean blue on the edges and in any light, including the dim to none existent light in the Hatching sands, seemed to have stars glittering inside them. Since the dragons eyes were closed, she didnt have to worry about those entrancing orbs that were always glowing with a supernatural light the color of the blue moon the came once in a thousand years.

Her mind went over every dragon color known on this world and many others and could think of nothing save perhaps a sunset from Falas Weyr that could ever have anything close to this dragon. And yet not even that was the answer since Sunset Zenith had not reproduced any like himself before the last clutch that had also hatched the light gold dragon that was Shazis lifemate, a girl to whom Maevean had vowed to protect for saving her weyrmate Achel from certain death at the hands of that wretched Cordello. So instead of wondering further where such a dragon as Ruinae could have come from, she returned to inspecting the clutch, and the several large eggs that were tightly pressed together.

Suddenly Argynyl sprang to her feet, amber gold eyes flashing with expectancy, her wings buzzing a little with excitement. Recognizing the signs from her dragon though the low humming couldnt be heard, Maevean carefully shook Achel awake, and when he opened his eyes and saw the brilliant smile on her face, he knew as well. Ruinae was also awake by this time, and the odd light from his eyes blazed with happiness as he stared down onto the sands, while his mind proclaimed the news throughout the demoralized Weyr.

Deep within the bowels of her private weyr, Copper was curled up in bed furs, her arms wrapped around herself, but not for lack of warmth. Deep thoughts flickered across her mind as she contemplated her course of action after the death of the lord Cordello and his sick tyranny. In the back of her mind, thoughts of return to Eien also dominated her subconsicousness, followed closely by what to do with her son and the newest goldrider at Fire Ridge, Shazi. Then there was that riderless dragon Rath and the poor white female Elmoth who lay prostrate in her weyr after her rider abandoned her. She sighed heavily and lay her head back against the cold stone wall, her eyes searching the darkness as the rain thundered outside.

Galaxiath had heard the voice of Ruinae almost immediately, but was hesitant to venture outside and bugle the news. Her large head swiveled in the direction of the sleeping room, where Ltrel appeared as if summoned. The Weyrleader peered around, looking for something, and not finding it, looked rather troubled. After querying Raelynth and finding that it was Copper for whom Ltrel searched, Galaxiath snorted and called her rider. When Copper appeared looking very tired and frazzled, Galaxiath pondered telling her of the eggs, after all it could be a false alarm. Then the brass thunder of a dragon roaring on the heights quieted Ltrels questions and Galaxiaths pondering. It was Ruinae, and he was insistent that the candidates be summoned, and if they werent, he would get them himself. Coppers eyes flew open in surprise and she hastily tossed the bed furs aside and grabbed her flying gear, deciding the wher-hide would protect her from the rain and biting wind. Ltrel, already dressed, was yelling down the food shaft for Farelly, asking her to have Nlan summon the candidates.

The pair then ran out into the large weyr that housed both their dragons. Galaxiath had her head out in the rain on the ledge, Copper was already perched on her neck by the time Ltrel had time to blink, so he hurriedly scrambled aboard his bronze, then nudged Raelynth into action. They took off somewhat ungracefully, but both dragons made up for it with a smooth glide into the hatching grounds, Galaxiaths wing tips barely clearing the edges of the short tunnel that led to the immense sands as the hail like rain bit like tiny little teeth on their hides.

Obviously Nlan had jumped to action before Ltrel had even issued his command, for the candidates were clustered together in their somewhat wet white robes far away from the eggs that were rocking unbelievably fast and hard. Dragons of all sizes and colors were streaming in from the rain, depositing their passengers then perching high above the spectator stands as Galaxiath and Raelynth backwinged to land on their own personal spots they had always claimed after dropping both their riders off at the entrance. Copper rushed quickly over to Maevean who was looking around in wonder.

As the weyrwoman rushed up, Maevean stopped wondering how so many people had found the courage to come and greeted her liege respectively. Copper returned the traditional salute and grinned openly at her, and Maevean realized it had been a long time indeed since she had seen even a ghost of a smile cross the slim elfs features. "Not necessarily a good time for the eggs to hatch, " Mae said, eyeing the rain outside and the loud thunder. Coppers grin widened as she shook her head. "Maevean, any time is a good time for a hatching, how long have they been rocking like that?" she queried as the made their way to the lowest tier pf the stands where the two womens respective weyrmates waited.

A hush fell over the crowd until only the falling rain could be heard, all eyes were on Argynyl as she nosed a few eggs with her silver snout. Then one egg, one of the largest in the clutch, stopped rocking and a large crack formed straight down its middle. Argynyl crooned at it and spread her wings wide, an answering croon emanating from the throat of her mate Ruinae. Soon the hatchling struggled free and shook herself of both eggshells and sand. Standing tall, the crowd gasped in delight as they watched the young silver, identical in almost every way to her mother, except for one thing. Her brilliant eyes were blue, a bright sky blue, and in the dim light of the hatching sands, they seemed to glow. Delicately, the silver female peered around at the candidates speculatively, until she made a decision. Stopping in front of Aelia, the silver sat back on her haunches and, of all things, cleared her throat and spoke aloud. "Greetings Aelia, my name is Ginfala, and Im sure your father wont mind to much that Im a part of the family now." Aelia, a few tears trickling down her face, bent down and hugged the silver to her, whispering something unintelligible that obviously pleased the dragonet for Ginfala started to croon, and nudged her new bond lovingly.

Meanwhile, two other eggs had hatched, revealing a blue and a red. The blue, being rather large for his color, struggled to right all of his limbs while the red strode purposely towards Fall, her whirling opalescent eyes a bright blue-green. Fall! Im glad youre here, I can help you get home after Ive grown up a bit. Oh yeah, my name is Raetalen. The red added as an afterthought. Fall shot a glance at Atavi, but he stood off to the side, far away from the eggs.

The blue had finally sorted himself out, and seemed rather peeved that his bond hadnt come to help him. Irritated, the large dragonet strode towards Atlas and sat directly on the tall elfs feet. The jupicorn was babbling something about how his companion should grow a brain, while the elf himself just stared into the amber-gold eyes of the dragon sitting, literally, on him. About time you noticed me. The blue huffed, and shook some sand from his wings. By the way Im Furai.

Suddenly two large eggs burst apart, showering the candidates with shell fragments and membrane, and there amongst the chaos surrounding their birth, two regal males crouched proudly. One, who later named himself Aumalaen, was a rich golden color, and his independence was clear in the way he proudly marched off the sands and found his way to Rath, leaving his sturdy silver brother, Anorien, to sort things out himself, for it was apparent at the start that neither of these two would bond. With a brassy bugle of a young male, Anorien bounded across the sands towards his brother, and the food waiting there, mind apparently made up in favor of a full stomach.

The next two eggs hatched to reveal another blue and a tiny green. The blue looked around worriedly for a moment, then chirped happily as he bounded across the sands like an oversized canine. Suddenly he tripped and landed, nose first, in front of Atavi. The calm elf smiled broadly as the blue struggled to his feet again, then bent down to help the blue untangle his wings from his hindlegs. Thanks Atavi. The blue said adoringly, his multi-toned eyes whirling happily. Atavis grin widened as he stroked the downy head with its light scaling. "Its ok Karasun, lets go and get you fed and find Fall."

As those two moved off the sands to a place where meat had been brought in, the delicate green seemed to float across the sands until she came to the one candidate that seemed to fit her perfectly in every way. "Hello Dance Fairy, Im Seirade" she chimed in a crystalline voice to her bond.

Three more eggs split, revealing two greens and a blue, who all proudly proclaimed themselves bonded with each other, and demanded to be taken to the "Nursery" immediately. Copper sighed heavily, wondering how these newborns knew of her secret project, but waved to her Jr. Weyrwoman Shazi, who, with her light gold Akyth, led the trio off the sands, making sure they got fed properly before being taken to the facility.

Soon after, another medium sized egg split, letting loose a large brass female, whos glowing golden eyes seemed to hold a kindness of spirit that threatened to overwhelm. However, no one was there for the brass, who latter revealed her name to be Narwyn, so she was taken to the Nursery with the two greens and the blue.

Next another medium sized egg split, revealing a stout purple dragon. Shaking his scaled head, the purple with hints of blue in his amber eyes made no qualms about who his chosen was. Nonchalantly striding up to Oogles and butting the mage in the leg, "Greetings" the purple male rumbled in a thickly masculine voice. "My name is Vaseal" was all the large purple said, peering up at his nond with both loving and curious eyes.

Simultaneously, a large egg and one slightly smaller spilt, revealing a dark Copper dragonet and a big lightning marked blue, who looked as if he would someday rival some Pernese bronzes in size. Two boys who stood at opposite sides looked at each other briefly, then at the dragons, wonder of the exact kind showing in both their eyes as Impression hit them full force.

Shan! Stop staring and get over here! I need sustenance! The big blue demanded, tromping up t his chosen, who himself hadn't budged. Shaking his head as if to clear it, Shan just reached down and patted the lightning-sapphire head, promising the dragon food, apparently oblivious to Sonvyr's further boisterous comments involving food to be had, places to go, and people to see.

The large copper seemed to be taking his time however, though both he and his chosen knew they were bonded. And only after inspecting the other candidates, including some who had already bonded , did the dragonet finally sidle up to Soliat and introduce himself formally as Shael, supreme copper dragon of the universe.

It was after the hatching of purple Vaseal that the maelstrom outside seemed to heighten its fury to a new, never before seen, level. Copper had ordered for several of the adpet level mages that inhabited the Weyr to try and take this storm in hand, but apparently they had failed. Apprehension filled the sands as lightning flashed and the roaring winds and rain swept through the short tunnel, drenching a few of the guests that hadnt already moved farther into the great cavern. Worriedly, Copper summoned her amber firelizard and sent the young female with a note attached to her leg to Farelly and Palanthalas, asking the first to have food brought for the hatchlings, and to the latter, she asked him to summon his wing (who were all magicians in their own right) and have them set up a shield spell around the Weyr to prevent any damage and to give the guests (some of whom were very dignified and important) some measure of comfort.

When her amber returned with notes of assent from both, Copper relaxed a bit, but her temporary relief at one situation taken care of evaporated when she realized none of the remaining eggs were rocking, or showing any signs of life what-so-ever. Next to her Maevean sat stiffly in her seat while Achel seemed to be in the grips of one of his dizzy spells. Panic filled her gut as Copper watched the eggs below, most of which were large, so she had hoped they would fill the ranks of Fire Ridge with strong dragons and riders to fight in the wars on Eien. Then one quivered, it was the largest, and definitely the oddest, being totally and completely black. Coppers eyes were fastened on the inky orb as it shook some more, then stilled, she could sense that everyone in the sands held their breath as it resumed its slow shaking.

When it stilled once more Coppers breath hissed out over her clenched teeth, she didnt like this not knowing and something about that egg was bothering her. Next to her Achel was looking rather pale and Maevaen was busy with him, no longer paying attention to the eggs. Ltrel had disappeared somewhere, probably to help Palan and his wing as much as he could, and while she understood that, somehow it irked her. Shaking her head, she still couldnt clear her mind of more angry thoughts aimed at anything and everything. Tension filled the air as the black egg looked as if it was growing in size, almost like it was feeding off the impure thoughts of the guests. Suddenly Copper jerked in her seat, her blue-gold eyes dark with anger, Maevean looked at her in surprise and opened her mouth to say something but the weyrwoman cut her off.

"That egg, its a dark dragon, I can feel it. Mae we may have to kill it and Argynyl will most definitely not like that, I need you to control her as if this was her first mating flight all over again ok?" The silver-rider looked stunned but Copper didnt have time for questions, she had seen dark dragons hatch before, they were ravenous, and would eat anything in reach, their siblings, the candidates, guests, and they were powerful even when young, with full control over the element of fire, and the stronger ones had very powerful mindmagic that lured their prey to them.

Suddenly the egg pulsed while thunder boomed overhead as if in sequence to the hatching beasts heartbeat. "Mae! Control her now, lock into her mind!" Copper shouted as the thunder became deafening. On the sands Argynyl screamed as she too picked up on the power of the unborn dragon, then she hissed as her rider first tried to comfort her, then control her. High on the top ledge, Ruinae looked on, his glowing blue eyes impassive, the black crocodilian slit hardly visible for the icy radiance.

Down on the sands, two candidates stood together as the thunder rolled. They had been through a lot together and felt that they were prepared for anything when hatching time came, but now, a little apprehension filled both of them. Anquet, the Caliga, or High Priestess of Falakis, watched the pulsing egg impassively though a small fear had kindled in her soul when she felt the pure rage and anger emanating from the unborn beast. Next to her, Everol was stoically silent, and she wasnt entirely sure if he felt the same fear she did.

But when the egg began to slowly show signs of cracking, with tiny fissures spouting steam appearing all over the ebony shell, something changed. Fear vanished and an odd serenity fell over the Caliga as she peered through the mist emitted from the hatching egg. A soft song was heard by any who werent in the grip of fear, and to those who did hear it, they probably couldnt understand, for it was in an old language, one spoken only by those of the darkness. Involuntarily she took a cautious step forward, while vaguely she heard someone screaming at her to stop.

Everol didnt try and stop her thankfully, he seemed to be strangely preoccupied, but Anquet didnt want to think about that, her mind was being drawn towards the center of the mist, and her body just followed.

Annnqueet. The soft mindvoice soothed her, held her in a gentle embrace of suspended animation, though her body continued to move of its own accord in reality. But here, in this dark place she suddenly found herself, she didnt know fear, the cries of her people were diminished in the face of the peace this voice offered her, and the trials put before her al her life seemed like a distant nightmare better forgotten. Wait, my, I must help them, Falaskis, my Mother, give me strength. She stopped, confusing images ran through her mind and she felt a pounding headache coming on. In the back of her thoughts the voice continued calling, a soft undertone to the screams of those she left behind. She felt herself drifting off again and with an angry shake of her head she sent back an angry reprimand to the voice that was trying to seduce her away from her people, Falakiss people.

Stop it, I know my place. I will not fail my Queen and you will help me, Narafth.

High upon the top ledge, Ruinae bugled and took flight as Argynyl bugled in distress as Anquet and her bond reappeared from the strangely concealing mist, not necessarily all smiles, but at least both were intact and seemed happy to have found each other. The silver female was appropriately horrified that a Chaos dragon would hatch from her brood, but Ruinae seemed oddly pleased, for he landed before the duo and arched his neck down to be at their level, his odd blue eyes pulsing happily.

Narafth, a good name my daughter, fly high and lead those of your kind well and towards a better time.

The Chaos queen, in a rare show of affection for any other then her bond, nuzzled her fathers dark nose and rustled her leathery wings, I shall, as your daughter and as being of both the dark and the light. I shall correct the madness that holds all of my brethren in its iron grip. Next to the large hatchling, Anquet stood silently, searching the sands for Everol, but he was nowhere to be found. Worried she turned towards Narafth and was about to query the chaos queen when a long howl interrupted her. Worry not Caliga, Falakis walks with both of you and he shall not be harmed. Was all Narafth said as she waited, food seemingly far from her mind.

Next to Argynyl, who was writhing in the effort to get away from her riders iron control, (she wanted to get at Ruinae who had tricked her into thinking this would be a regular clutch) Everol waited patiently next to a large dark colored dragonet who was busy trying to untangle himself from the confines of both shell and his six limbs. But when Everol tried to help, the hatchling only snapped at him, causing the Caligan to jerk away. For the last time Everol, Ill do this MYSELF thankyou very much.

Everol only sighed in a long suffering way and crossed his arms across his chest to wait, meanwhile the little nightstorm howled when he bit his tail, again.

Anquet stifled a laugh at the sight then looked down at Narafth. "Are you always so serious Nara? By your words, I though he was going to have as spooky a hatching as I did." she said, trying to get the queen to lighten up. But the chaos queen only snorted in lofty disgust and looked away. Two things my rider, I am Narafth, and yes, I am always this serious, and why are you calling my birth spooky? "That would be three things Narafth." Whatever, then heres a fourth, Im ravenous so how about some food before I change my mind about being good and eat one of those tasty humans up there, and dont think I didnt notice you evaded the question. Anquet only shook her head and lead the way off the sands, Narafth following close behind, with Everol still arguing with his nightstorm Aneracth.

There was lull in the hatching, as one egg and one candidate remained. Kacai watched the rocking egg expectantly and as it cracked and chipped bit by bit, she held her breath. Suddenly the egg just fell apart, revealing a beautiful ice dragonet, who looked about her in genuine confusion. Tears streaming down her face Kacai started forward, then stopped, for the ice wasnt looking at her. Instead the dragonet picked herself up and stood tall, looking about with a determined gaze, her shinning eyes identical to her fathers. I am Nylave, and until I find who I seek, I shall remain riderless! The Ice proclaimed to all, proving that the ice had a firm control over her remarkable telepathic abilities. Copper sighed, and watched as the ice moved off to join her gold and silver brothers and Rath near the entrance where the black adult dragon was making sure that the three riderless dragons were getting cared for properly. Then her eyes went back to Kacai, who was on her knees in the hot sands crying, oblivious to the searing heat or the murmurs flying through the assembled.

Suddenly movement in the downpour at the entrance attracted her attention, and when Copper saw what it was she gasped in astonishment. Obviously no one else saw the thin, delicately proportioned white dragon make her limping way to the girl who sat crying on the sands, for when Kacai looked up, heard the voice of Elmoth for the first time, Copper looked away for that was a moment only for them. Then the crowd noticed and when Copper looked back, Kacai had her arms wrapped tightly around the white females dripping nose, whispering reassurances to the adult dragon. Argynyl bugled happily, as did every dragon in the Sands, until it seemed that the very stones of Fire Ridge shook with the sound.





Anquet and Chaos Queen Narafth

Everol and Nightstorm Aneracth

Aelia and Silver Ginfala

Soliat and Copper Shael (Thats THEE Copper)

Oogles and Purple Vasael

Shan and large Lightning blue Sonvyr

Atlas and medium blue Furai

Atavi and medium blue Karasun

Fall and red Raetalen

Dance Fairy and green Seirade

*Kacai and White Elmoth


Gold Aumalaen

Silver Anorien

Ice Nylave

Brass Narwyn

Blue Truin

Green Raen

Green Yelva

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