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  First, the rules....
1.) Please obey all the rules of your home Weyr, Cathair, Caer, Dragonry,whatever. If your green can only rise once, don't send her here so she can rise again. As of now the number of times a female can rise from Fire Ridge is unlimited.
2.) Size does matter, I'm going to adhere to the regulations Anne Mccaffery set in her books. Blues can't chase golds, browns only can rarely, and I will allow bronzes to chase greens since it is allowed in the books. but don't fear blue riders in love with golds, I'm going to do a bunch of things different with Eien and the Vale's if you think this is too restricting.
3.) Females are allowed private flights that will be listed on the boards, and they can also allow for color restrictions, though they will be subject to my approval.
4.)Females write the flight stoy, you accept that responsibility by signing up for a flight. Hatching stories can be written by the male, female, me or anyone else. I'll give you which candidate gets which dragon and the color.
5.) If someone else writes your flight story girls, please tell me so I can give proper credits.
Thats all, now for the forms...

Here they are...

Female Form
Dragon name~
Rider name(m/f)~
Comments~(any color restrictions put here)
Male form
Dragon Name~
Rider Name (m/f)~
Female chasing~ White Aphelionth
Dragon color~

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