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Sorry this took so long, but here it is. ^_~ Some of the colors for the text are off sorry about that but they are just a bonus anyway. Hope no one is too disappointed.

                                     The Hatching Galaxiath x Raylinth
                                                             Written by Copper

           The candidates were growing restless; Copper stared at the empty crater that was Fire Ridge, her Weyr. She saw all of them playing some sort of game she had never seen, it looked like they were kicking a ball around to her then she noticed 4 poles that formed goals. Why wont the eggs hatch already? she sighed and put her head down on her desk.  Ltrel and his bronze landed on the outside ledge and looked in, she is stressing again.  The Weyrleader sighed and patted his partners shoulder.  Aye I can see that, how is Gali? Just as stressed if not worse. Great Ltrel crept in and snuck up behind his weyrmate as quietly as he could.  Dont even think about it he paused and grinned, hed been trying to sneak up on her since they had first weyrmated.  Copper groaned and turned around in her chair slowly, rubbing her aching neck.  I may be tired and grumpy but I can still hear you when you try that. Ltrel smiled broadly and walked up and put his strong hands on her shoulders. Relax Copper, the clutch will hatch any day now. Copper smiled weakly and stood up. He slung an arm over her shoulder and steered her towards the ledge. Lets go to the Lower caverns and grab some, Raylinth whats up? The bronze was staring at the Hatching Ground intently, and then the pair heard the low thrumming. Food can wait love, Ive been waiting to long to hear that sound! Copper said grinning like an idiot. Then Raylinth rose up on his hide legs and trumpeted, several dragons answered him then resumed their low music. Ltrel vaulted onto Raylinth s back, extending a hand down to Copper. Hurry. Lets go, Raylinth already alerted the Weyrlingmaster. Copper grabbed his hand and settled behind him moments before Raylinth launched.  They glided down, skimming across the Weyrlake then entered the immense Ground. 

            Galaxiath curled a tail around her small clutch of eggs protectively and watched suspiciously as the candidates marched in clad in white. Are you worthy of my eggs children? Will you dare to approach?  All heard the Queens challenge and Copper was dismayed when she saw several candidates take an involuntary step back. Galaxiath! Dont you dare not let your hatchlings impress!  The gold hissed, her wings stiff and her whole manner agitated.  Then an egg trembled, split and shattered to reveal an inky black hatchling.  The youngling creeled and shook his wet wings, blinking and trying to focus gummy eyes on the boy candidates.  His eyes locked on a male with a feline cast to his features.  Frihan stared at the youngster in disbelief, not truly believing this was possible.  I am yours, you are mine, my name is Dairruinth. Cats obey you but I shall always love you. Frihan nodded and padded up to the hatchling and knelt next to his new lifebonded. Thank you, Dairruinth. The black nudged the cat boys chest and rumbled deep in his throat. With unspoken assent Frihan stood and helped the hatchling get off the hot sands.

            Copper wiped the tears from her eyes, she was glad that Frihan had been chosen, the boy deserved so much.  Ltrel nudged her elbow and pointed towards Frihans sister, who was cuddling the delicate head of a white to her chest,

            Oh Elmoth you really chose me? The white crooned and cuddled against her partners white clad chest. Aye I do, may we eat? And can I meet this brother of yours? Trina nodded and scooped up the small white, carrying her off the sands.

            Meanwhile two identically colored blues spit their shells and stood looking at their discarded homes for a few minutes. Then the larger one picked his way carefully and approached an elven boy that Copper remembered was called Estel. The elf smiled broadly and hugged the blue, whose name was Menelth. The other blue stared at the seven remaining candidates and snorted, looking up towards the stands, a hopeful expression in his whirling eyes.  Copper's intake of breath almost choked her, and then she noticed that the blue was moving again, this time towards the lowest tier.  Copper nudged Ltrel and he nodded, silently the Weyrleader went down and stayed one row above the blue. The blue creeled and Ltrel watched carefully for signs of whom the hatchling wanted. Revian, its your lucky day now get that blue fed! the weyrbrat started and glanced up, Ltrel made a shooing motion and he boy leapt forward. The blue crooned happily when Revian came forward and together they left the sands.

            The one of the larger eggs shattered, a large bronze arched his neck and did an imitation of an adults bugle.  Several weyrfolk chuckled, realizing this was the fathers son.  The hatchling creeled and started forward, pausing in front of another elf. Copper smiled, she had hoped he would get a bronze, but his next action almost made her stand up and put a spell on him! The elven outcast Mrikal stared at the hatchling, fear and lounging in his eyes. Copper saw confusion warring within him and she sensed the bronze talking to him.

            Why are you afraid of me? Do you not want me? Shall I between? Mrikal shook his head and sighed. Then why wont you approach me? Dont I need a spell to control you? The bronze trilled and shook his wet wings. Control me? No way! We would be partners, not servant and master. But what about? Forget all you have ever learned about dragons, I am different, I am Beleth. We are one and we are different. Now, shall I stand here all day starving or will you feed me? With what? Another spell? For the love of Faranth, forget the spells! Everything is done by hand on Pern!  Finally it dawned on Mrikal, here he would not be picked on for not having magic. Alright, I have a lot to learn. Beleth snorted and nudged Mrikal s leg. Then lets eat.  The elf nodded and they left the sands, silence following them like a cloak.

            During that drama two greens hatched, one was the color of a new leaf while the other looked like a forest in winter. The two friends looked at each other and grinned, stepping forward as one to acknowledge their bond with Lalaith and Girith. Matria cuddled Lalaiths small head while Ligria picked small bits of egg shells off Giriths wings.  When the hatchlings complained of hunger the four left the sands.

            That left three eggs and an uncertain future for three candidates.  Then the golden eggs cracked, its glowing radiance seemed to shimmer, as if it couldnt decide to be gold or silver, then a beak poked out and a hush fell over the watching crowd.  The beak glistened silver before disappearing into the confines of its shell.  Then in a sudden shake the egg shattered and a silver dragoness stood regally amongst the shards. She swiveled her delicate head around and creeled, her faceted eyes fixed on Creeoilid, she picked her way across the sands and stopped inches from the pretty blond. I am Giliath, show kindness, I am not something to be crowed over Creeoilid. You should treat your sister with more respect and treat others like they are your equals. The girl was shocked but nodded. Good, now I am hungry, use that wealth of yours and get some meat for me. Creeoilid laughed and walked proudly next to the silver. Here it is free, and all you can eat, lets go!

            Copper sighed and leaned against Ltrel, it was a good hatching so far, only two more eggs

            The two shattered as one, one was a brown the color of bark and the other a glistening bronze.  The bronze walked on shaky legs to the 16 year old who was once a harper. You can still be a weyrsinger, and teach me like you did that green lizard Kiki. Speaking of which, can she scratch an itch on my back? Pohril grinned, I think not, she can be a feisty one, how about I do that then we get some food.? Sounds good, lets go.

            And then there were two, as Pohril led Khivrath from the sands. Easbalair stared at the brown for a while, the hatchling silent and unmoving. They both took a step forward then Easbalair rushed forward and hugged the brown. The hatchling crooned happily and nuzzled the weyrbrats chest. I am Lominth, can we go and eat now? Easbalair nodded and brushed sand of his white candidates robe. Yes we can lets go

            Copper let out a huge sigh, this clutch had taken forever but it was done! Galaxiath rose and ambled outside, everyone heard the terrified moos of the herdbeasts as Gali ate her fill. She must have been hungry. Copper said absent mindly, watching the crowds depart. Is Farelly getting ready for the feast? she asked her mate. He nodded, his gray eyes flashing. Aye, and we need to great the new riders and their families. Copper nodded and she remembered she was going to have a talk with the Searchriders who found Mrikal and have a talk with the boy himself.




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