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Mountains 5

  Revian leads you past the stables and you come to the clifface on the western side of the Weyr.  You see specks outlined agaist the cliff wall but you can't make them out.
   " This is the gryphon Aerie, the dots are gryphons up there but they rarly come down.  eggs are more important then visitors I suppose." the boy shrugs and he turns away.  Your gaze remains upon one speck in particular, it seems to grow larger then you realize the gryphon is coming down for a landing. Calling to revian you move out of the way and stare in wonder at the golden beast in front of you.
    The great golden male studies you with rich brown eyes, his large eagles beak is the color of ebony and his twany pelt reminds you of a terran lion. Human, you are interested in us are you not? Startled you nod. The gryphon clicks his large beak. I sense the truth in your words, perhaps you are worthy of one of our young, but I should warn you.  They don't bond like the dragons, we are more like friends then partners, thus the reason you can bond a dragon and a gryphon.  Ones with strong mental capabilities, and a lot of patience, could even bond two gryphons.  Revian looks at first the gryphon then you in wonder. he gulps and eases himself away.
    " Why are you leaving Rev?" you ask, questions in your eyes. The boy shakes his head and stops. " That's Sunfire, the Gyrphon King, bonded to Copper.  We boys are all afraid of him." And you should be, trying to sneak up here to look at our eggs. We are not dragons and don't apprciate it one bit. You chuckle when the boy blanches, then Sunfire speaks again. Anyway visitor, shall you try you luck?
I have three personalties drawn up for adoption, however, images are a problem. When you apply and if you are approved it may take me a week to get them to you. I only have one type and only as adults.^^ matter of fact it's an image I'm borrowing from until all of my images are done.



The current kyrii up for adoption is a red footed falcon name Linae, this little female is looking for a person who will take care of her and keep her feathers groomed. Linae is a perfectionist and almost as intelligent as the greater owls and eagles, she is very fast and loves fish.  If you can give her a home please e-mail me.
~Notice, I use real pictures but the animals themselves are imaginary~

~~~~~Current Adoptable Gryphons~~~~~

Name Color Type Age
~Rednal~ Reddish brown Eagle 12
A fierce fighter, Rednal is a pround grypho who dislkes authority figures. He has a healthy sense of hmor and can make a joke out of basically anything. at 12 years old, he is in the prime of his life and no one is sure why he wants to partner a human now. Though the rumor is that he just wants to get away from the Gryphon King Sunfire. He is looking for a person who will not dominate him and will let him be himself.

~Earthsong~ Light brown and grey Falcon 7
Slim and fast, the sleek earthfire loves to play practical jokes and make people laugh. She is very personable and charismatic, she loves to hunt and seeks a person who is smal like her and will help her plan more elaborate schemes to play on the poor unsuspecting folk of the Weyr.

~Trixian~ Black and silver Hawk 2
Tall and heavy in the broad in the wings, Trixian is just now growing into himself. He is very goodnatured and easy going, with a personality anyone can love. he likes to read and too eat, a lot. Firelizards and even whers get along with him great, thought the wher's stink sometimes makes him take the high road out of their vicinty.