Fire Ridge Weyr
Fire Lizard Cove


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   Revian leads you towards the sunny side of the Weyrlake, along it's sandy shores you see several mounds, a large winged wolf lounges lazily in the sun. he opens one eye and looks at you and Revian.  Wonderful day is it not? Welcome visitor I am Ladin from the Marbethil Valley, I am called a Frala-maraz or a winged wolf if you will. If you are here to impress a firelizard I am sorry to say none are ready to hatch yet.  You nod disappointed until Revian speaks up. " But ladin weren't they supposed to be ready soon?" The wolf shakes his head and half spreads his wings. soon enough rev, I know you want one, come back later.  The boy smiles and nods, "Ok Ladin, i will and maybe this visitor will be with me, see'ya around." Waving at the wolf the two of you leave the beaches.