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Hey Forshallen! The elf turned over in bed groggily and looked at his dragon. " What." A green is rising in a few days. " So?" comprehension not dawning on him. Silly, I want to chase Then it hit him square on the head." WHAT!? No not happening! You fly Gribath only, no other!"  I won't win, just to get some practice in before Gri's flight, thats going to be soon you know. "Practice..hmm.." Shal thought about it and got out of bed, dressing then calling down the food chute for a mug of klah and oatmeal. Zurith poked his nose into the bed chamber and sniffed as the food came up. Smells good, come out here so we can talk. " Fine." Shal gathered the tray of the platform and sent it back down, carrying it he went out into the weyr and sat on the stone couch, using Zurith's side as a back rest. " So who is it? do we even know them?" They are Mynialeth and Arania, it won't matter, I will not win her, just spiral down when it is nly I and the one who will win. " you would do that?" Gribath would bite me if I did not, and you would make me go to Eien and stay there for a long time without Gribath, and Zhaneel....I don't want to know. Shal chuckled and scratched the blue/greens eye ridge when Zurith swung his head to look at his rider. " Crazy lump, but as you wish, I couldn't stop you anyway." Zurith's eyes whirled happily and Shal got through the rest of the morning in relative peace...


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