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The Hatching!!!!!

Sazerta headed to the hatching sands late in the morning. The eggs were due to hatch soon, but she figured her green would probably let her know when they were ready, as the green was very eager to leave the sands. She entered the sands to find Shenarinath pacing about in a very agitated manner as close to the entrance as she could get. Sazerta frowned, but as the green had been restless ever since the eggs were laid she thought nothing of it, just giving her dragon a soothing mental caress before settling down on the lowest tier of the viewing area.

<Sazerta! exclaimed the green in obvious mental distress. I dont know what to do! What should I do my rider! OH! What am I supposed to do, I know Im supposed to do something, but what? Ah, why did we ever decide to let me lay a clutch!>

Calm down, Shenarinath, said Sazerta with a confused look. Whats wrong? The eggs will hatch soon and then youll be able to leave the sands for good. Dont get yourself so worked up, I understand. You think I like spending almost every waking hour in this heat?

<Oh but Sazerta you dont understand! They-they- I dont even know what to do, help me!>

Shenarinath, get a hold of yourself! Whatever it is, Im sure its not that distressful!

But the green kept pacing so that Sazerta couldnt even see the eggs from where she was off to the side. Just then, thankfully, Frinaith landed on the rim above the hatching sands and bugled loudly for all the Weyr to hear.


Xalia and Frol were enjoying a late breakfast in their weyr when they heard Frinaiths frantic bugle. Xalia sat bolt upright and quested for her golds distressed mind.

<That wretched greens eggs are hatching and she hasnt even told anyone about it yet! One of the eggs is starting to split down the middle and all shes doing is pacing back and forth!>

Why didnt Sazerta warn us? asked Xalia aloud, standing up so fast she toppled her chair over backwards. She didn't bother to pick it up as she headed for the exit and Frol arched an eyebrow at her. Do me a favor, notify the candidates, the eggs are hatching and Shenarinath didnt bother to tell anyone!

Frol was up and heading for the Candidate Barracks as soon as he heard the word 'notify' pass her lips and Xalia ran for the sands where she couldnt even get a glimpse of the eggs because of Shenarinaths frantic pacing.

Sazerta! she exclaimed seeing the young woman sitting there in perfect calm. Why didnt you inform someone that the eggs are hatching, Frinaith just notified me!

What? exclaimed Sazerta in surprise. Shenarinath didnt tell me! You cant see the eggs because shes pacing so much!

I noticed, said Xalia with a frown. Youve got to get her to calm down and stop blocking the eggs! The candidates need to be able to get to them!

Sazerta nodded as the first of the candidates began filing into the Hatching Grounds. They milled around in the entrance, trying to get past the distraught green dragon but her tail kept swinging about and narrowly missing clobbering some of them in the head. Sazerta immediately began trying to reason with Shenarinath and Frinaith tried to add encouragement from above which turned out to sound more like scolding.

<You silly wherry, get out of the way! cried the gold testily. Your children need to be able to see the candidates! >

Just then a frightened creel could be heard from beyond Shenarinath and that sound must have stirred some sense in the green because she floundered out of the way, curling up and shaking behind the eggs and Sazerta walked over to comfort her.

Once the green was out of the way they all saw an average shaded green hatchling sitting in what remained of her eggshells creeling piteously as she saw no one about to bond to. The candidates rushed forward, the girls eager to Impress as three of them had been left disappointed after Frinaiths clutch. The little green only stopped wailing when Natti took the initiative to walk forward and lay a comforting hand on the little hatchlings head. The green looked up and crooned happily eyes whirling blue and green before switching to the red-orange of hunger.

Come on, Milath, said Natti, gently urging the dragon off the sands, I know you were worried, but Im here now, lets get you something to eat.

By then another egg had started to crack and a green muzzle pushed its way free of the confining egg. This green, much darker than her sister, thrust her wings out to shatter the egg and fell face first in the sand from the force. Hot sand sticking to her chin she looked up and creeled at Neisah who flashed a smile at her friend Hiran before rushing forward to help the dark green up and off the sands.

No, Im sure no one will call you clumsy, Sriath, said Neisah with a chuckle.

Yet another green muzzle appeared and Frol was leaning over from his seat beside Xalia to comment on this being a rather boring clutch when his words froze in his throat. The little green was struggling with her shell when a blue wingtip managed to break free. Frol turned to look at Xalia who was grinning like an idiot to see rare colors born on her sands. The little green-blue had a green body and blue wingsails and she stood tall and proud as she barked at the girls before her. She then walked carefully over to Zhaneel and stood watching her expectantly.

Gribath! You really want me?

Xalia kept on grinning as the girl smiled in encouragement to Forshallen, he winked back at her then continued his watch of the eggs, as she led the green-blue from the sands. Then another egg hatched, followed closely by a second and two blues sat staring at each other for a moment before two young men stepped forward from the cluster of candidates. Tarran and Sarran smiled at each other as they led Brath and Woroth respectively from the sands.

Another green hatched then, shattering her egg as she thrust her wings out. This green was average in shade and stalked over to Larh with a commanding air and butted the girl in the chest.

Come on Shenarath, I know youre hungry, said the girl with a smile and the new pair headed off the sands.

Now there were three very worthy candidates left and only one egg, Xalia asking herself yet again why they ever asked for more candidates than needed. But of course the next clutch would be a special one as well with more rare genetics available for the hatchlings. The crowd watched in tense anticipation as the last egg rocked and then was still. Then it started rocking again and the three boys held their breath as it shattered to reveal a blue, with frosted green wingsails! The crowd gasped and Xalia just looked smug. Shed hoped the fathers frosting would be passed down to his offspring and the little blue-green creeled before making a mad dash for Forshallen, toppling the young man into the hot sands then backing up to let him regain his feet.

I know youll protect me, Zurith, said the young elf with a smile as he got up and brushed sand from his clothes. Just don't kill me in your exuberance! Now together we can return to Trevalen when you get older!
(written by xalia)

Foeshallen led Zurith from the sands, the blue green butted against him playfully and told him that he was hungry. "Don't worry Zurith, you'll get fed, just let me locate the Weyrlingmaster and Zhaneel. You need to meet her and Gribath!" The blue/green snorted and just repeated that all he wanted at this point and time was food.


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