Stats and inside info.

Stats and inside info.

Archery, it's his life blood. Forshallen can be found just about everyday on the target field. Being an elf he is a very good shot and has won many a tournament on his home planet of Eien.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Forshallen comes from the elven nation of Trevalean. He lived in the main city Elhellond. Wars have torn the planet apart but the elven continent had remained untouched. His sister Copper found out about Pern and recommended that he come with her to the far off planet. Once on Pern his sister and himself found out that Pernese culture was very scared and angry with them because they were different. Then Copper impressed gold Galaxiath and became the new Weyrwoman for Fire Ridge Weyr. Forshallen stayed in a nearby hold called Bavaria, he had few friends except other outcasts who ahd nothing to lose by being his friend. Only Zhaneel became his true friend and he loves her dearly. She is the main reason that he relented and agreed to become a candidate at Tripaldi Weyr.

Ok we all know that this is a picture of Legolas but Forshallen looks a lot like him. ^_^


Hair- Light blond sometimes looks silver
Eyes- Change from blue to gold. gold only when angry.
Height- Over six feet, but he is not gangly. Instead true to his race he is very elegant which tends to set him apart.