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Forshallen awoke early that morning; something was going to happen. The morning dew still coated the rocky sides of Fire Ridge Weyr and the setting moon illuminated them so they glowed. This place, so pretty, so innocent, yet the dark underbelly showed itself daily. Perhaps not as bad as at Bavaria hold but it was still here, still haunting him. The anger, fear and resentment of the people of Pern plagued him daily, though his friends tried to help him they couldn't be everywhere. Sighing he resigned himself to get up and break his fast down in the lower caverns instead of in his weyr like he usually did. He got up and moved silently over to his cloths chest were he pulled on his usual colors of gray, green, brown, and black. Lacing up his soft wher hide boots he swung his bow and quiver over his shoulder and deftly made his way down the rocky path to the Weyrbowl floor. He entered the caverns and was overtaken by the stench of numbweed. Great just the thing for me to forget. Guess I won't have any classes today either. He sighed and poured himself a mug of simmering klah from one of the great kettles hanging over the fire. Walking over to the stoves he snatched a piece of bread from Farelly who swatted at his hand and shooed him away. Forshallen danced away and planted himself by an unoccupied hearth farthest from the stench. Luna, the former Phoenix Rising wingsecond, joined him a little while later. Her blond hair was neatly braided down her back and she watched the activity of the weyrfolk before speaking. " Hey Forshallen, your really good at organizing things aren't you? I could really use your help. I'm moving to Tripaldi to be with K'naret and he's disappeared, the lazy bum." Forshallen laughed, "He's probably smarter than I am since I'm the one who gets stuck going to help you." " Am I that much of a problem? Humph in that case I'll ask someone else and you will have to wait to see Zhaneel." She shot back. He gave a hurt face but smiled, "Ouch that was low, fine I'll help, but ONLY to help a dear old friend." Luna smiled and finished her mug. " In that case Rhinth and I will meet you in about 4 hours OK? Meet you at the target range?" " Yeah were else would I be?" she laughed and deposited her mug by the other dirty dishes and left. Forshallen sighed again; he finished his mug and deposited it by the others. Walking out into the morning sun Forshallen glanced around and caught sight of someone practicing already, black hair and golden skin identified the archer as Leiagolas, the young weyrbrat was very good and seemed to be concentrating very hard, smiling to himself he quietly snuck up on the young kid. His brows glistening with sweat Leiagolas drew the bow back and took aim when he felt a breath on his shoulder. Long practice made him jump and release to arrow, it went wide of its mark and his master sighed. Forshallen knew that Leiagolas had been bullied as a kid but his entire concentration should be on the target and nothing else. " Master you know I jump when someone sneaks up on me." I know very well about that Leiagolas but you should be paying attention to that target and nothing else, if you don't break that habit another person will take advantage of it and exploit the possibilities." Leiagolas frowned, " Master it is just shooting an arrow for fun. Pern is not at war, and the only other archers I will ever see will be those in your class." " And the Tournament I entered you in." Forshallen smiled down at his apprentice, the lad was more like a little brother than anyone else. " What! You've got to be kidding!" " Would I ever kid about something like that?" " Uh, no I think, elves don't lie do they?" Forshallen laughed " We can but we prefer not to, it's not like our tongues are tied and sometimes lying can save your life." Leiagolas nodded. Forshallen had told him about the wars raging over his home planet, about the torture chambers of the Dark Skylords. Leiagolas still couldn't quite get the concept of evil dragons that didn't impress or chew firestone. Forshallen patted the boy on the shoulder, "well you have another month or two to get ready and there isn't much else for me to teach you." At the horrified look on Leiagolas's face Forshallen patted him on the shoulder again. " Don't worry I'll still give you lessons and pointers, though you will probably be helping me teach other students." Forshallen searched the boy's eyes and found the answer satisfying, he was ready, nothing would hold him back and he really doesn't need my help. The next few hours the two spent their time practicing and refining skills. Then Luna and Rhinth came to take Forshallen to Tripaldi Weyr. Mounting the golden dragon, Luna turned to him and said the he was turning Leiagolas into himself. " No, we are just Kindred spirits." He answered simply then Rhinth took them between.
The rest of the day passed in a sort of dream, Tripaldi Weyr was beautiful. No one seemed to notice his differences, or if they did they didn't care. Forshallen had helped Luna to organize and he had a few laughs with k'naret whenever the bronzerider stopped by. Lunch time came around and the three of them, K'naret included went down to the lower caverns. There Forshallen met up with Zhaneel she was very pleased to see Forshallen and he was more than pleased to see her. The conversation had taken a different swing and Forshallen lost track (he was staring at Zhaneel) he only started paying attention when Zhaneel asked him a question. " Forshallen I'm standing for green Shenarinath's clutch. She is a beautiful green, how would you like to see her?" " Yeah sure, I was wondering anyway how a Green treats her eggs. I've only seen Golds so far." Zhaneel smiled that smile that made his insides melt. " We also need more male candidates Forshallen it would be nice to have you here." Forshallen didn't rise to the bait, everyone knew he wanted to go home as soon as Galaxiath clutched. He was eager to see the beautiful elven nation Tre'valen again, he even missed the great human city of Killarney. Zhaneel sighed at his silence, "I see you still won't change your mind." " I never said I wouldn't I just didn't answer because I'm not sure. It's a hard choice Zhaneel, stay here and deal with the prejudice or go home to a war torn planet, I just don't know." Luna looked at K'naret, worry in her eyes. Should we tell him that any dragon could travel between worlds? She asked him. Yes, I'll tell him at the Hatching Ground. I'll take them now. " So Forshallen, Zhaneel how about going to the Hatching ground now and take a peek at the Eggs?" Zhaneel nodded enthusiastically, Forshallen just looked at Zhaneel darkly but nodded. " Good, make sure you have thick boots on guys." He turned questioning eyes on Luna. " No love I'm not going, to much to do." She stood up and kissed K'naret on the forehead and waved goodbye to both Zhaneel and Forshallen. " Come find me when you want to return to Fire Ridge Forshallen" was her parting remark as she left the caverns. K'naret checked with the headwoman that they could visit the sands and waved for the two youths to follow him. The great bronze bulk of Kweinalth was waiting patiently outside were he outstretched a forearm to aid mounting. Once everyone was seated he winged his way across the Weyrbowl to the Hatching Grounds. The green warbled a warning if the bronze got to close, he landed just outside and fanned his wings a little to keep his balance. The three people dropped down and made there way inside.

The eggs were /HUGE/ Forshallen almost forgot to breath they were so beautiful. The green watched them approach but stayed quiet when her rider put a hand on her shoulder. Zhaneel turned and smiled at him, " Are you sure that you don't want to stand Shal?" Forshallen didn't answer at first. He gulped and tore his eyes away from the glistening eggs. " Zhaneel I," he paused. K'naret laid a hand on his shoulder. " It's ok Forshallen any dragon can go between to another planet they just have to know the way." Forshallen sighed and lowered his head. " I, guess. But don't the Searchdragons Search out candidates?" A nearby blue rider heard and strolled over. " Hello there, my name is K'ral. I"M a Searchrider. I can have my dragon look at you if you want?" k'naret nodded and Zhaneel took forshallen's hand and held it close. The blue dragon came just a few minutes later and stared at Forshallen. <<You'll do but /what/ are you anyway?>> < Mighty blue dragon I am an elf> The dragon chuckled <<My name is Binerth youngster>> <I see, so am I Saerched?> <<You are new at this arn't you?>> <yes> <<Well yes you are searched my rider will get all of your information and get you signed up.>> Forshallen noddede and turned to K'naret and Zhaneel. " Looks like you guys got your way. I guess I'm a candidate now.