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All of this writing on this page is by Xalia

Nemistan dragons come in a wide variety of colors, most of the dragons being right around the same size, the Opal dragon being perhaps a little larger than the rest.

Below is a description of the currently known colors of Nemistan dragons, though other colors may very well be possible. The colors are ranked from most to least rare, as well as in order of their rank within dragon society. Rank depends generally on rarity, as well as abilities as you'll note that the higher ranking dragons have more abilities than the lower ranking dragons.

Opal-female, the highest ranking of all the dragons, the Opal is generally ridden by a Magelle, a subMagelle, or a Magelle in Training. Opals have magical control over all known dragon powers as well as the ability to transfer themselves, others, and an entire wing of dragons safely through oblivion. This power is exceptionally useful for transferring dragons to and from a battle site. During battles if a dragon is badly wounded it is at the sole discretion of the lead Opal and her rider as to whether or not this dragon should be transferred into oblivion or back to the healers. An Opal dragon egg will only be laid when there is a deficit of Opals in the dragonry and even then, no one will know of the eggs existance until the hatching, as all mother dragons are very protective of an Opal dragon egg, should they lay one.

Gem Variants-there are currently six known Gem Variant colors. These dragons are only born through a mating between particular colors of lower ranking dragons and inherit the powers of both of their parents. Gem Variants are extremely rare, but more common than an Opal. Gem Variants may be either male or female and also have the power of transferring through oblivion though not to the scale of an Opal. A Variant could transfer themselves and possibly one other dragon but never an entire wing.

Sinhalite-a cross between an Amethyst and a Yellow Topaz, an Emerald and a Ruby, or an Amber and a Sapphire. These dragons can have several different power combinations depending on which dragon pairing created them.
Garnet-a cross between an Onyx and a Ruby, males would have breath weapons of fire and haze, the haze being able to create illusions and distort the enemy's visual perception, while females would have an Onyx's magical illusion abilities as well as magical control of fire, female Garnets have the unique ability of being able to start an illusionary fire, one that burns but does no harm, such an attack would be best used to try to psych-out the opponent's riders.
Peridot-a cross between an Emerald and a Yellow Topaz, male Peridots would have breath weapons of plants and lightning, while females would have an Emerald's magical control of plants as well as the ability to call and direct lightning.
Tanzanite-a cross between an Amethyst and a Sapphire, males would have breath weapons of water, as well as a healing compound used as an antiseptic to prevent infection during battle, while females would have an Amethyst's healing powers as well as magical control of water.
Aquamarine-a cross between an Emerald and a Sapphire, males would have breath weapons of water and plants, while females would have magical control of plants and water.
Quartz-a cross between an Onyx and a Diamond, males would have breath weapons of ice and haze, females would have an Onyx's powers of illusion as well as the ability to encase things in ice or merely freeze things in place for a limited amount of time.

Onyx-female, has magical control over light and can cause sunlight to diffuse into darkness for limited periods of time, also has the ability to cast illusions in order to disorient an opponent in battle.

Diamond-male, breath weapon is ice. In battle a Diamond will breath ice particles on an enemy, causing muscular contractions to slow and, if given enough time, eventually encase the enemy in ice, thus rendering them incapable of attacking or even flying.

Amethyst-female, has magical healing powers. In battle the Amethysts are generally in the very back of the ranks as they are completely uninteresting in battle. Wounded dragons make their way to the back of the wing in order to be healed by the Amethysts, often times with the assistance of the Opal transferring them there.

Yellow Topaz-male, breath weapon is lightning. A Yellow Topaz will aim to hit an opponent with it's breath weapon in order to paralyze them and render them unable to continue battling.

Emerald-female, has the ability to magically control plants. In battle Emeralds will fly low, and if an unsuspecting dragon happens to dip too close to the trees the Emerald will use her magical control of plants to call up vines to ensnare and trap the foolish dragon.

Sapphire-male, breath weapon is water. Sapphires can control their breath weapon to produce either a shower of water droplets to confuse an enemy or a jet of water, capable of knocking a rider from his/her dragon's back.

Amber-female, magical control over fire. In battle Ambers are often paired with a Ruby as they can sustain any fires the Ruby creates as well as douse any fires directed at the Ruby.

Ruby-male, breath weapon is fire. Rubies, though the lowest ranking dragon, are crucial to the success of a wing. Rubies will generally fight in the front rows, darting into the opponents' wings to throw fire at their riders.

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