Norśvėan Castle
The Guard House

The Great Tree
The Marketplace
Tower of the Moon
The Smithy
The Guard House

The Guard House


The Towns and Villages

Istari~ The village of magic.Located far in the foothills of the Firiel range Istari is a sprawling settlement of mostly mages and an occasional elf or shapechanger. Magical weapons, items, and nicknacks can be bought here.

Galaroth~ The seafaring town. Located on a natural harbor, the town is the Sea gateway to the Cuivienen Territory, it is also the only safe way to get to the Isle of Feaceleand and Forest Island.

Eryn Vale~ Farming and the Elves. The Vale is about half the size of the Noruve Penninsula and is surrounded on 3 sides by mountains. In it's heart is a rich and furtile plain filed with old forests and long swaths of crops. Farming is the vales one major asset, the old Elven earth magic keeps the crops bountiful no matter how the weather goes.

Mithrangard~The Gate Town~ Mithrangard is the virtual gateway to the Cuivienen Territory. You can travel by Sorahath to any place in the Territory from here and to anyplace on Nemista including Noruvean's enemy castles, if you happen to have a white flag on you.

Yįvė City~ The Merchant's Haven~ Here you can buy or adopt basically anything, except the dragons or a Sorahath obviously.  Gossip is pretty widespread here and you can find out everything you could ever want to know about the Territory.  The shops are well known and the food is pretty good as well.

The Dragonries and Renosts
Yaviėre Dragonry~ The first and only dragonry protecting the Castle, Yaviėre is well established with a new Magelle named Gilraena and her Opal Galadyr. While small it is expanding after they suffered a crushing defeat that decimated the ranks and killed the former Magelle Celera and her Opal Dimoryr. Gilraena was the only opal rider and only new to her powers as a Sorceress.
Lightning Peaks Renost~ Almost as old as the Dragonry, the Renost is home to about 20 sorahath's and their airborn archers.  The Sorahath's are used as a means of harrying the opposing Wings in  battle by raining arrows down and using their special powers of Lightning, which is the only spell these dragonhorses have.  However they are extremly vulnerable to dragonbreath so it is a grace that they are very fast. 

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