Norvan Castle
The Silver Dragon

The Great Tree
The Marketplace
Tower of the Moon
The Smithy
The Guard House



The sign reads " The Silver Dragon" Curious you open the heavy wooden door and peer in.

          You enter the dark tavern and peer around you curiously. Many men and a few female mercenaries are lined up on bar stools along the bar itself and no one pays you any attention. In a corner 5 men in guard uniforms play a game of cards and you notice a tall brown haired elf walking around serving drinks. She walks by then stops and turns, " Can I help you? We're very busy but there is always room for a new face at the Silver Dragon" she shake your head and she shrugs. " Well we're having a special today, one mug of ale free, here you go." she hands you a mug filled with a rich amber colored drink. " Enjoy, word is that we have the best ale in the Territory, if you need any help jus call for me, I'll hear you. My name is Laermira by the way." with that the servinggirl walks away and leaves ou staing around in bafflement.

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