" Atani!, Atani get UP" Startled the bronze skinned girl jerked awake. her arab mare Anorya grazed nearby. She could barely make out the figure of her mother waving at her from the Hold.  grumbling Atani stood up and brushed off her pants.  The silver dappled mare nosed her persons shoulder and atani stroked the velvet muzzel. " I'm glad someone here appreciates me for something other then a strong body to work." The mare nickered and moved aside as the girl went to the clear pond to clean of her face. Finished Atani mounted her mare and set off at a canter towards the Hold.
   She arrived and lept of the horse before the medium sized form of her stepmother. " Yes Alixa?  you called me." The woman didn't smile but pointed at a pile of wood that lay sprawled everywhere. " Clean it up or there will not be any lunch!" Atani sighed and looked forlornly at Anorya, " Go back to your stall girl, this will take awhile.
   There, the last one, Atani wipped the sweat from her brow and glanced around, good Alixa wasn't in sight, she whistled and lept up onto a nearby tree branch. Anorya trotted up and her ears flicked about, trying to locate her mistress. Atani cicked her tongue and the horse backed up under the branch. Atani dropped down and the two galloped off.

Anorya~Dappled silver Arabian mare~

From tactius Village Stables