Late Night, Falas Weyr

Hatching of Clutch Four
Gold Ellenath and Black Delduwath

It was late at night when the candidates were waken up. Yakima had been up late doing paper work when she heard the droning of the dragons. Rhiath confirmed her suspicions and she rose to wake M'hant who slept soundly on his bed. Then she called her two flits, gold Elnora and white Sinil, to wake the Gerlana and Seneca. It would be another late night hatchling at Falas Weyr, she thought as she pulled on the nearest cloths. Her gather dress hadnt been washed so it was pointless to wear that. By the time M'hant was at least awake, it sounded like all the dragons of the Weyr were humming.

"And when do they stop?" M'hant asked, covering his ears as they mounted bronze Jerith who had thankfully refrained from joining the pre-hathcing chorus.

Yakima chuckled. "Not until the first eggs shatters, love." He groaned and pulled himself onto his dragons neck while she climbed up behind him. "Gerlana will have the candidates their in time," she said as her gold and white fluttered around her with M'hants two greens.

Black Delduwath was already perched above his mate when Jerith swooped down to the sands. Ellenath was hovering over her queen egg, her left wing protecting it from the five girls that had been searched for this gold, sired by a black. Indeed, Delduwath had something to be proud of. Jerith veered and dropped off his passengers before joining his own golden mate on a shared ledge.

As the candidates filed in Yakima counted each. Sighing she reached for M'hants hand just to feel his touch.

The eggs were rocking vigorously. One rocked itself over its mound before crashing onto the other side and shattering. As the hatchling stepped out the Weyrleaders smiled. The little cream shook herself and turned her dainty head to look directly at one of the female candidates; Sivve.

At first the girl didnt seem to realize that she was being watched until the hatchling let out a jubilant cry. Sivve looked up, her face breaking out in a wide grin. "Anyuith" she cried as she trotted to meet her dragonet half-way. The little cream warbled at the conversation that the two of them shared alone.

Two more eggs hatched to reveal two greens-one sturdy green and the other who couldnt seem to get all her six limbs where they were suppose to be. Atani hesitated before running to the little green who struggled in the sands. "Easy, Vilyath, please be careful."

Sorry, Atani, but...theyre all over the place! the green moaned desperately. So her rider helped her figure out what when where before leaving the sands.


Green Vilyath
Sire~Black Delduwath
Dam~Gold Ellenath

 Story written by Yakima, to finsh go here.