As they rode away Atani wondered why she was so unlucky, why was she the one who had to do everything?  Her family didn't know but she had found the paper that said she had been Searched. Two days ago a rider on a blue dragon had stopped by on Search for Falas Weyr. Atani had seen the dragons intrest in her and the rider P'mir had asked her if she wanted to become a dragonrider. What a foolish question of course she did, who wouldn't want to have the freedom of the open skies and the love of a dragon. Then her thoughts drifted to her beloved arabian. Could Anorya come too, she had better. 
     Suddenly Atani found herself on a well traveled road, curious she rode on until she came to a sign, and gasped. It was fate, this road led to the only ground entrance to Falas Weyr! gleefully she leaped onto  Anorya's back and pushed the mare to go faster, gallantly the horse responded, catching her riders excitment, soon the great Weyr came into view...
     Riding in Atani had a few misgivings, she didn't have the paper and what if blue Siyeth changed his mind?  What if she was no longer searched? Glancing around the large Weyrbowel she saw dragons of all colors lounging in the sun.  she also remebered Falas's reputation of having rare colors. Sure enough a great copper colored dragon flew overhead and backwinged to land next to what Atani thought was the lower caverns.  Dragons everywhere! her eyes and neck hurt from looking everywhere at once, Anorya ambled along and for the first time Atani realized that the mare wasn't afraid.  " you like dragons too?" The mare snorted and tossed her mane. Laughing she didn't notice a woman come up to her.
    " And who might you be young lady?" The womans voice startled Atani and she almost fell off her horse's bare back. She regained her balance and stared at the woman.  " I'm sorry miss, I was searched a few days ago but my parents never told me so I had to sneak out when I saw it.  I didn't bring the paper with me." Blushing under her bronze tan the girl hunched her shoulders and prepared herself for rejection. Instead the woman chuckled, " don't worry I'll just have Phaysath check you over and see what she thinks.
    Moments later a beauitful emarld green dragon flew down and landed behind her rider, " This is my green Phasyath and I'm Blyska, head Searchrider for Falas Weyr." the woman turned to her dragon and Atani saw her eyes unfocus. While they comuned together atani let her eyes wander over the green beauty.  she had always fancied of a gold, what girl didn't, but in her heart she knew a green was for her.  Blyska came to herself and smiled at atani, " well girl you passed inspection," she pulled out a pad of paper and a pen. " Now what's your name and where you are from."
   The next few days went by in a dream, Atani had relented and contacted her parents, P'mir and his blue Siyeth had obliged her in taking her to Red River Hold. Her father had been indifferent as always and her stepmother had been furious, as always.  No matter once she impressed a dragon, no if she impressed a dragon, she wouldn't need them. she didn't need them now. She had her faithful Anorya.


*Sigh* corny I know....*grins* but she was kind of fun to do. ^_^
                  ~ Copper
                          Weyrwoman of Fire Ridge Weyr