Story continued....



   When Arwyn finally descided to open her eyes a flash of silver told her that Palan sat next to her.  " Ah, so your awake, good going, that was the last bunch of creeps in Elhellond and you got rid of them. very good."  Thought she couldn't see him she sensed his movements. He lay a hesitant hand on her forehead. " You are lucky, when that wraith came up behind you he got you with his dagger, Lel and I figured that out when you fainted and blood was going everywhere." She could see his face now and he grimmaced. " yep, you had one heck of a fever arwyn and we weren't sure if you would make it. Well now that your up and well, I'll get your mother." before she could even utter a word of thanks he got up and on silent feet left the room.
    Arwyn groaned and rolled over onto her side, well her mother was fine but what of her father? her answer came when Merian, her mom, came in. The tiny elven woman bustled about and seemed to ignore Arwyn but the girl knew better, her mother couldn't find the right words to say.  " Mom, it's alright you can tell me anything but first, what happened to Dad?"  The women looked at her daughter and burst out crying. " Oh Arwyn, your father, he's dead."
    Fate, always so cruel, the elves had been the God-chosen.  Reighning surpreme over their world, now, brought to this.  Arwyn sat on one of the few benches in the House of Healing, others were being used as beds for the injured.  She had been lucky, so many elves had died and many more were waiting to die.  A piercing wail told her yet another elf had passed into the light of the Moon, never again to grace this world as they were. Memories hurt, every time she closed her eyes her father was there. tall and muscular, much like a big bear. He had been so warm and full of life, now, just another light that flickered out.  A slim hand appeared on her shoulder and Arwyn started.  Lokking up she groaned and buried her head in her hands. Palanthalas sat down next to her, his long legs straddeling the bench like one would ride a horse.
         " I won't tell you that the pain will go away because it won't and I don't infuse false hopes.  No, I only say that it will become easier to bear if you are strong.   Sorrow and despair are the weapons of our great enemy, and you are better then that." His words did affect her,but not in the way he had wanted, instead they made her angry.  " And what would you know of pain and losing someone, sheltered son of Kaladriel!  What hardship have you ever faced except what we saw not to long ago!"  He was silent and Arwyn instantly regreted her harsh words, he looked as if she had plunged a knife into his soul, then filled the wound with salt. Unspeaking her reached up a hand uand ppulled the neckline of his tunic down revealing his left shoulder, and ugly gash ran down the joint line, diappearing beneath the rest of his tunic. " I have know more pain then I would wish on any living or unliving being, except the one that did this to me.  Reconsider your words Arwyn, the world is not so gentle as you might still think." he said this so coldy Arwyn was afraid he would strike her, but he didn't, all he did was rise and stride away.


Arwyn left and told her sister what happened.....