Arwyns story


The shrill call of a chimning bell awoke Arwyn in the night.  Her sleep fogged mind didnt register its meaning at first, then her door slammed open and her mother stood outlined by the harsh light of the corridor. Arwyn get up now! You dont have much time get to the safe house!  Arwyn rose from her bed and looked around dazedly, a foul stench came to her and she realized it was sulfiric smoke. Hurry up Arwyn! Im going to wake up you sister. With that the slim figure of Meridian Eaglewood disappeared. Arwyn ran to her closet and threw on some clothes.  She dashed towards her dresser and grabbed the sun colored gem that looked like a rising phoenix. Clutching it to her chest she said a quick prayer and hoped that there wouldnt be any dragons.  A loud explosion rocked the very foundations of Elhellond and Arwyn ran out into the corridors.  Her sister emerged form her room and Arwyn grabbed her hand. Wheres mom? she yelled above the din of explosions.  I dont know Arwyn answered before jerking her younger sibling along after her.  They pounded to the underground safe place that had been built during the Shadow years, Eagles Depth as it was called had stood the test of time and Arwyn hoped to Lunariel  it could stand the terrible force of dragon lightning.  They pounded on the heavy door and it opened slowly from the inside.  A slim hand snaked out and grasped Arwyns wrist and jerked her inside, with a yelp she went in and leladry followed.  A tiny silver mage light floated just beyond the cloaked figure and it pulsed with its creators heartbeat.  Im glad to see you two made it here. Your parents wish for you to stay here, I was sent to look out for you. A cold voice said. The hand let go of Arwyns wrist and she rubbed it trying to restore warmth. Whoever this elf was he wasnt the kind she wanted to associate with.  his golden eyes were the only thing she could see in the depths of his hood and his voice only betrayed that he was a male.  Who are you? Where are our parents? Leladry asked glaring at the tall elf suspiciously, And why should we trust you? He sighed and the light flickered. You dont have to trust me just know that I only intend for you two to get out of here alive, after that what you do or say is none of my business. Even if you betray who I am. He said and drew the hood back.  Arwyn gasped, his hair was as silver as the moon itself and his eyes reflected her image.  Who are you? she breathed and she listened as her sister also drew breath.  He sighed and a troubled light came to his eyes. I am Palanthalas Silverleaf, my mother fights alongside your father so that should be enough for trust. Your parents both trust me though they may not like me much. A hint of a grin passed his lips but it was so brief Arwyn wasnt sure if she had seen it.  Leladry seemed satisfied and she sat down on the ground near the back of the shelter. Arwyn noticed that it was as far from Palanthalas as her sister could get.


Story continued....