Story continued....



   A dark dragons cruel roar brought shivers that went through Arwyn's bones.  "Fine I trust you but where are our parents? You said that our father fights alongside your mother." Palanthalas didn't answer at first and when Arwyn was ready to scream or throw something at him he spoke. " your mother is at the house of healing tending the wounded like she always has done." he shook his head and light reflected off of his silver hair. " your father I don't know, the last I saw of him he charged me with protecting you two." 
    Arwyn fought back tears, her father, no...he wouldn't be fighting if the attack was a fake or a spoof, something was terribly wrong. She made for the door and stopped startled. Palanthalas stood before her, his cold eyes calculating. " you would sacrifice yourself? You would tell him that what he does now is in vain? Arwyn Eaglewood I'm sorry but I can't let you leave this place." he said,blocking the door.  arwyn glared at him the retreated to the back of the shelter, she slumped down next to her sister and concentrated. " Don't even think of it. Beginner I may be but I can sense spells." Palanthalas leaned against the door and when Arwyn opened her eyes ahe saw that he had set up a shield, a primative one but a shield none the less. " why won't you let me leave and help my father! he needs me!" she cried rising and striding over to him. His eyes flickered once and his posture changed. " I can't, you would die. He fights Salazar himself along with my mother.  You would not make any difference." Now she knew, he would hold her here physically if he had to, she saw the long knife in his hand. " Fine I won't try and go." she said, the knife went back into it's sheath. " Now, since we are stuck here I think there is some food around here somewhere." she could tell he didn't rust her change of mood but she would wait until he let his guard down, if he ever did.
     Unfortunatly he never did, his golden eyes remained on her throughout the night and even while she tried to sleep.  They stayed in the shelter for 4 days, they slept when they could and kept noise to a minimum. All three elves felt the prescence of deathwalkers and wraiths all around them.  Finally the call came, a crystalline bell chimed three times. With a cry of pure relief Arwyn pulled the battered door open and stepped out into utter destruction. she screamed with grief and rage then collasped onto her knees. the world blurred around her and she fitfully tried to remember what her home had once looked like. Nothing was left now, splintered wood and twisted metal lay everywhere and so did bodies of all races. At her scream Lel and Palanthalas ran out to her. lel gasped and leaned against the whithered remains of a Teria tree. The mage knelt next to Arwyn and gently asked her to stand. " Please Arwyn, we must go and find our parents." She just stayed there, numbed by shock and grief. "Arwyn? Arwyn listen to me!" Palan said shaking her, a low moaning stilled his hand and he jumped to his feet. Arwyn looked up and didn't comprehend at first.  " Leladry Teleportation spell now!" Palan yelled, the blond-haired girl nodded and statrted chanting. Palan went to her and stepped within the boundaries. " Arwyn let's go! Deathwalkers are everwhere!" he screamed as shadows began to take shape and surround them. Arwyn looked at him dazedly and slowly got to her feet. " no..." he breathed as a shadow came up behind her. " No, get away from her!" leaving the protection of Lels circle he drew his long dagger and ran towards Arwyn.  Then stopped, silence, it fell heavily on his sharp hearing.  Arwyns dark hair stirred and she started to glow.  leladry stopped the chanting, the last words of the spell on the tip of her tongue, she awaited her sister.  Palan stepped back towards Lel and waited, the glow became brighter and brighter until Arwyn was just a slim outline of darkness in the brilliant light. her hair whipped around her face in a wind confined to her alone. Then, she released it, a fierce shockwave made all the deathwalkers fall flat and then they alit on fire that would never die.  Unholy screams ripped through the air and Arwyn ran to her companions, she grabbed ahold of palans hand as her sister yelled the last word to the spell.


Story continued....