Arwyn left and told her sister what happened.....



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       Arwyn sighed and sat down on the edge of her sisters bed.  Leladry was reading and stopped when she saw Arwyns troubled expression. Leladry put her book down and sat up, slinging and arm over her sisters shoulders. "All right Arwyn, spill, whats wrong now?" Arwyn sighed again and buried her head in her hands. I"'m such a monster Lel, I cant believe I said all of those things to him, knowing what he went through". Lel looked baffled, "Who? ""Palan" Lel grimaced, "oh him, dont worry he probably deserved it" Arwyn shook her head. "No, he was offering his sympathy and I practically bit his head off." Leladrys eyebrows went up but she said nothing. Arwyn read the look and smiled a little. "Yes Lel, I lost my temper, its official that elf could make a silver dragon lose their patience." Lel grinned, "Good then I'm not an exception." Arwyn grinned as well; her sisters smile was always contagious. "Now tell me exactly what happened Arwyn."

            Dusk was descending when Arwyn finished, Leladry had remained silent the entire time and only now did she speak. "Yeah, you should go apologize Arwyn, he was only trying to help.  Granted in the wrong fashion but its the thought that counts." Arwyn winced but nodded. Lel gave her a serious look, "Try and reach him as well, several of the healers here are worried about him, something may happen with him that could be devastating." Arwyn nodded and stood, she went to the door and grabbed her cloak.

            She peered around the darkening courtyard trying to locate him. The healers said he had left his rooms and gone out minutes before she had come. The evening was getting chilly and she drew her cloak closer.  One of the sentries came forward and shown a mage light on her face. "Arwyn? Why are you out?" he asked once he recognized her. "I'm looking for someone Markonas, his name is Palanthalas, and he's about as tall as you and has silver hair." Markonas nodded and pointed to a shadow leaning against the gate leading to the outside.  "Thats him I suppose, never got his name but I recognized is ID bracelet, and he's got silver hair." Arwyn nodded and thanked her old friend. "Good Night Markonas, may Leshaena guide your watch", Markonas saluted smartly and went back to his rounds. Arwyn crossed the distance quickly and stopped in front of Palan before he ever noticed, or if he did he gave no sign. "Palan?" He looked up and Arwyn saw the angry glint in his golden eyes under his dark hood. She sighed, "I'm sorry, I shouldnt have said the things I did." "You wouldnt have said them if you didnt honestly mean them" he snapped, Arwyn flinched but said nothing to defend herself, she deserved that. He looked surprised at her silence and just watched her for a moment.  "You didn't mean them?" Arwyn shook her head. He thought for a few minutes and looked out beyond the gate to the Healers Wood beyond.  "Then why else are you here? Besides to apologize." Arwyn closed her eyes, how was she going to do this? Bluntly, he doesnt like diplomacy much "The Healers are worried about you, and they wanted me to ask since you wont' come to them." He turned his head around sharply and stared at her like she had grown horns. His hood fell back and Arwyn saw his expression clearly. "What do they know? No one can help me and if they try they'll end up dead.  I won't put anyone through that." He said, eyes flashing. Arwyn shrugged, "Some people are willing to risk that, we know of your past." Now he was shocked, and extremely taken aback. He turned to the gate once again. "Come, we can talk in the woods, I have much to think about." He said and opened it.  Arwyn followed him out and locked it behind her.

            The ancient boughs went far above their heads and soon the aged trunks blocked all views of the Healing House.  The walked in silence for so long Arwyn thought he had forgotten her.  Then they came to a gigantic tree, its twisted branches and huge trunk said much for its age and its ability to survive. Palan stopped and sat down, motioning for her to do the same.  "You know this one tree is the oldest on the continent and probably the world. It predates the Shadow Years, and that was just one branch." Arwyn looked up at the immense tree with new respect.  "You said people wish to help me? Why?" she thought a moment before answering. "Because everyone here has lost at least someone and they dont want to see anyone suffer. Though you don't show it plainly everyone who knows you can see it." Palan shook his head and sagged against the tree. "This wasn't supposed to happen, no one was supposed to know me. No one was supposed to care." He brought his knees up and rested his arms on them, his head resting on his right arm.  Arwyn noticed that his left shoulder seemed to be bothering him. "Palan, whats wrong with your shoulder?" he groaned and didn't answer. "Palan? ""Nothing, its fine." He said rather sharply. "Did I put salt in a wound again?" she asked trying to lighten him up. "No, its not you, not you at all." He stood up and looked up at the moons shinning silver surface. "What did I do to deserve this? Why did they curse me so?" Arwyn stood as well and gently put a hand on his arm. "Palan we should go back." His eyes narrowed as he looked up, then he turned towards her and nodded, following her like a whipped dog. And Arwyn wondered if in those brief seconds if he had gotten an answer

            That night she slept restlessly, something was nagging her mind and every time she tried to pinpoint the cause if evaded her.  The room she shared with Leladry and two other girls overlooked the courtyard and Palan's room. He, unlike others, had permanent quarters here since he didnt really have a home, the house shields would protect anyone from anything, or so it was thought.

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