On Danach Lel was bored. Plain and simple.  She stayed cheerful and watched in anticipation as her sister became a candidate for the Ice Evanteth's clutch. Arwyn herself thought something was wrong but she couldn't see beneath her light-hearted sisters mask.
    " Hey Lel come here, we have a visitor." Arwyns voice echoed throughout the cave that the sisters called home. It was warm and comfortable but Lel missed the freedom of Fire Ridge, their cousin had made it as close to an elven House as possible.  Putting a bookmark to keep her place Lel closed her book and went out to the day room, sunlight poured in, illuminating an unknown man...

"Hello?" Lel said hestitantly coming into the room. Arwyn introduced the tall gray eyed man as A'chel, rider of bronze Cerualenth.  Nodding her head Lel studied him, typical dragonrider, she thought.  Arrogant in a way, yet also he gave off the feeling of endless patience that made her feel small and insignificant.  "Nice to meet you A'chel, what do you require?"  Startled at her formality despite her apparent youth he searched for words.  "The Weyrwoman Copper would like it if you would return with me to Fire Ridge.  She sends her regrets to Arwyn," he nodded to Arwyn who grinned. "And to the Weyrwoman of Cathair Fionabhainn whom I have already seen. " Surpressing a chuckle Leladry played this game, my thanks A'chel, but could you send my regrets to my cousin that I wish to remain here for a while longer. 

The man looked surprised but kept it out of his voice.  "'I'm sorry milady but she did say no if ands or butts, she also said you werent getting out of this one." He looked like these uncivilized words pained him. Now Arwyn was giggling.  Lel smiled at patted the poor man on the shoulder, "Dear, dear A'chel, your new are you not?" when he nodded her grin widened. "Copper obviously has some devious plan in mind so why don't you go back and find out why she wants me back now?"  Leading him over to the cave mouth she saw his bronze dragon swooping down.  Suddenly a powerful mindvoice sent Lel staggering against the riders chest.

Leladry Anarine Eaglewood!  groaning Lel  rubbed her aching temple. Yes Galaxiath? You are coming home now got it? No more games and poor A'chels dragon has been relaying everything to me. And?  The dragon snorted and that poor man has been humiliated, I'm afraid he had the wrong impression of elves, but enough of that. Copper needs you home today.  Something has come up with one of Metris' patients and they need your Healing Power. Copper can do it just as well as me. Don't argue just come Why should I? LELADRY! Alright, Alright, I'm coming.  Shaking her head she climbed up behind the surprised A'chel.  Glaring at him she snapped "Lets hurry up alright!" he nodded and they took off.

Surprise! Lel was startled, A'chel and herself had entered the lower caverns to absolute silence, worried they had gone to the kitchen area and found no one.  Then A'chel had snapped his fngers "Aha" grinning he motioned for her to follow him to the weyrlake.  "Perhaps they are on lunch break." Lel didn't think so but none of her ideas had worked.  They entered the thick forest that surrounded the immense lake.  Then several mage lights appeared and led them to a small glade.  Then everyone jumped out of bushes, trees, and grass yelling surprise at the top of their lungs. To be safe Lel was quite surprised and quite shocked.  Elves usually never celebrated birthing days very often, there were just to many.  Copper jumped down from a overhanging tree limb and hugged her tightly. "Welcome back Lel and happy birthday!", she grabbed A'chel by the arm. "What took so long?" he shrugged and smiled at Leladry."She didn't want to come at first, Galaxiath made up something with Ceruleanth so she would have to be here." He grinned again and Lel noticed he was no longer formal. Obviously he saw her expression because he laughed, grey eyes dancing. " You honestly thought I was a stiff prig? Amazing, I'm a better liar then I thought." Lel gaped at him and started to stammer something when Copper silenced her. " Your Birthing day isn't the only reason cousin, Tripaldi has another clutch on the sands, by a certain Ecanirith, the searchriders are here now and when you landed their dragons immediantly liked you." Lel just stared open mouthed, tricked, three times in one day! " You guys are impossible!" she said grinning at them both. 

The day went on and the food was great. Leladry and another boy named Thorontir were officially searched by M'ron and brown Mrinalth, K'ral and blue Rinerth, and finally Killora with green Jurith.  Copper signed both their papers and wished them luck.  Arwyn arrived aboard a blue and delivered Lel's belongings.  " You were in on this weren't you!" she said accusingly. Arwyn grinned maliciously and didn't say a word. Leladry shook her head and took a bit out of a Cleoni fruit.

The next day she was up with the sun and watching it rise. Her crystalline voice rose in song, one of the ballads from Eien.

Starlight falls on silver trees

Waves foam on starlit seas

The long years pass numberless

Fading in the wind

And out of a grey country light shines

On wings of spirit from the west

While darkness covers the world in darkness

A sword is drawn, an arrow flies

As those of shadow battle the light

And magic runs wild in a fading farewell

She finshed and smiled as the sunlight warmed her face. " Time to face the music Leladry, pun intended." she spun around and glared at A'chel. The bronzerider gifted her with a grin and offered her his hand. " Time to go, Ceruleanth and I are charged to take you to Tripaldi."