Dawn spread it's golden light all across the land.  It made the garnet studded clifs of Fire Ridge Weyr gleam and Leladry watched the sun rise and sang.  This was a regular thing for her. She loved to sing and as long as she had a place were the sunrise would warm her face she would.  Her song was one of two people so different they were perfect, so in love it transcended the very gods themselves.  She sang of her beloved sister and her soulbond Palan, this was rare amoung the elves but lel still hoped.  The sun reached over the cliffs and leladry ended her song.  Her young green flit Kirii twittered and landed on her impressors outsrected hand. Sending the firelizard warm thoughts of love Lel stood up and waved to M'lar and his brown Ralenth.
      " Hey M'lar, good morning to you." she called. The brownrider smiled at her and climbed aboard his brown. The pair alighted on the ledge where lel stood. he ofered a hand to her a lel climbed up behind him. " I'm fine and so is Ralenth, did you know that Arwyn isn't going to Tripaldi anymore?" Lel started. " What?! what does Palan say? And Seidoshokuth?" M'lar shrugged. "They are all for it, the only one with reservations is your cousin Copper, the Weyrwoman is concerned because Arwyn wants to go to Cathair Fionabhainn on Danach.  That girl is quite the traveller isn't she?" leladry nodded and grinned cheerfully at M'lar, silently she pleaded to his brown. Is she really going Ralenth, what about her soulbonded? I'm positive Leladry all of the dragons are for her going but Copper keeps her back. Galaxiath tries to reason with her rider but the Weyrwoman won't listen to her.   Lel sighed, she had been so happy here, " M'lar take me to Tripaldi, I need to speak with my sister."

Later on at Tripaldi

**Picture is of Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War**