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         A fierce wind blew open the window and Arwyn sensed the nearby magic currents being touched by something dark.  She Saw a black hand reach towards them and penetrate the shields easily. Arwyn jumped up and ran to the window, the winds whipped her brown hair around but she paid no attention. Silver light flashed in Palan's room and she knew he had lost that brief battle. Turning back around she threw on a robe and ran to his rooms, others opened their doors as she ran past. She skidded to a stop and pounded on the door, yelling his name. A small crowd had gathered when she finally blasted the door of its hinges with a touch of magic.  Swirling winds rushed out and someone screamed in the crowd. Arwyn backed up a step, then charged in shielding her face with her arms. With more power she calmed the winds and the receded reluctantly. Then a fierce heat caught her attention and she ran to the bathing room. Once more the door was locked but when she was about to demolish it into burst into silver flames. Backing up she shielded herself and ran through the burning remains.  In the center of the room Palan lay curled up in a fetal position. His entire body was glowing with a supernatural light and she heard him sobbing softly. "Palan stop this!" she yelled. He opened his eyes and they widened, she noticed that they were oddly blue and very frightened. He tried to sit up but collapsed, she ran in, ignoring the flames and heat that refused to die. "Palan, stop, will you complete the destruction?" she kneeled next to him and gathered him in her arms, his long silver hair had bits of ash clinging to it and she brushed it out with her hands. stop Palan, relax hes gone. He closed his eyes and the fire died, she stayed there cradling his head to her chest. "Why did you lose control Palan? Why?" she whispered.

            The Healers came and took him away. One made sure she was alright then joined her fellows in carrying him to the treatment ward. She stayed alone in the destroyed room, a little disoriented. Arwyn? Arwyn are you in here? Lel looked around from the doorway, grimacing when she saw the burned bathing room. Walking in she saw Arwyn sitting on the floor holding something. " hey sis, just came from the Healers ay he'll be fine! Sis? Arwyn?" Her voice trailed off when she saw Arwyns blank expression.  She ran the next steps forward and knelt, grabbing her sisters shoulders and shaking her. "Arwyn, snap out of it!"

            Naturally, what else is new. The gods could care less about us, weve all lost so muh and they seek to punish us further. What did we do? Images flashed before her eyes but she paid them little heed. If hes dead life wont be worth it, especially if I killed him. A little vice asked how she could have done that? What did she do? I brought him out of his shell, I broke his defenses and He moved in, like a viper. But I only did what was right. Was it? Couldnt I have just left him alone? The voice grew impatient, since when did you ever leave someone who was suffering alone?  Perhaps I should.  Maybe I would hurt less. Or I can disappear now and find peace, peace, isnt that what I try and find when helping people. No, I only find hurt. What about the ones you did help? That poor child, the disheartened priest, the old gryphon who didnt want to live after his mate died. What of them? What of the ones I didnt? Faintly she heard her sister calling her, she didnt care, Lel could survive without her. Then the voice became angry. Coward! Running from your fears!Listen! he is still alive! Wont you give yourself a chance to help him? What? Listen foolish child, he is calling.

*Arwyn, heart friend, dont fade, dont leave me to face Him alone.You would risk all to help me once* Palan?*Aye, help me, be strong, I no longer can He is taking my strength. He is searching, he will find me.*  Who is? What is going on?* Searching * Im coming, Ill be strong, just dont let him get you. * The storm is descending, it is coming, He is. Hurry.* Palan? Palan! Wait!

Arwyn snapped awake abruptly. Leladry stared at her for a moment then started in hysterical sobbing. " Don't you ever do that to me again Arwyn! I thought you had followed dad! Mother would have been devastated, please don't ever do that again!" Arwyn nodded dazedly, then it hit her. " Leladry, take me to Palan." Lel looked up shocked. " Now? But you have to go see Healers yourself! That was some fainting spell!" " No Leladry, now." her sister stared a her mutely then nodded.

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