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Flight # 4
Gold Sarabeth and Carmel Swirl Dulceth
Written by: Zandy
Kira sat by the edge of a small lake, her bare feet resting in the cool water, her pants rolled up to her knees so they wouldn't get wet. Her golden dragon lay curled on a rock in the hot sun, her eyes only half open.

It felt like a lazy sort of day. A soft breeze played with Kira's loose tunic, blowing her hair into her eyes but not cooling her. She sat with her eyes unfocused and her head tipped to one side, oblivious to passing males and their attempts to get her attention.

Sarabeth sat up, her jeweled eyes scanning slowly over the area.
Hungry, she announces, breaking into Kiras thoughts.
Well then go eat, Kira answered back sleepily.
Ill do that.

Kira only half watched as Sarabeth slid off her rock and walked over to the herdbeasts. The gold dragon neatly killed one of the larger herdbeasts, and snapped fiercely at a small brown that looked in her direction. That's when Kira snapped out of her daze and realized what was happening.

Blood it!, She half ordered, half screamed, jumping to her feet and running towards her dragon, her boots forgotten by the edge of the pool.
I already did, Sarabeth snapped, killing and blooding her second herdbeast.

Kira looked over the group of males assembled, first the humans and then the dragons.
They arent anything special, Sarabeth announced. They will never catch me!
With that last comment, Sarabeth pushed off the ground, the males following close.

The bright sunlight reflected off Sarabeths already glowing hide, making her shine almost blindingly. She flew at amazing speed for a large gold, diving down slightly, then pulling up quickly enough to throw some of the bigger males off her tail for a few seconds. Then down and back up again. Down and up. Then she dived, pulling up at the last second. Some of the smaller dragons were able to follow her, but Bronze Skyleth wasnt, and was only able to save himself from getting hurt as he hit the ground.

Hes not hurt, Sarabeth thought in a tone that told Kira she didnt care if he was or not. The dragon pulled up and nearly disappeared into the clouds. She was flying high now, and many of the males were unable to continue the chase. Large Blue Furai was the most disappointed, returning to his rider for comfort.

Not many left now! Sarabeth appeared again from the clouds, Bronze Seidoshokuth following closely.

He was going to catch her. He knew he was. The dragons rider was standing close beside Kira now. Just another second

No, Sarabeth thought firmly, pulling up and found herself joined by the tail with another dragon who had been just above her.
I caught you, Caramel Swirl Dulceth announced proudly, twining his multi colored body with her golden one..

"A good flight," Kira said softly, placing her small hand into L'zans. "But I know what could make it better. "

So much for a lazy day.