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Anquet and Chaos Queen Narafth- her name is actually "Faranth"   spelled  backwards with the traditional th in its proper place. Being the first of her kind born on the Fire Ridge sands, Narafth has a haughty presence and a fierce pride. Her hide is a dark swirling myriad of colors that increase the momentum when she is angered and her obsidian horns pick up an inner light when she is pleased. Her eyes are a mixture of both parents, being golden amber in color, but they always have a bright radiance to them like her fathers. She has a firm control over all the elements and has tremendous mental powers that include telepathy, telekinesis, and mind control.


Everol and Nightstorm Aneracth - "Carenath" spelled backwards, Aneracth is a arrogant dragon very unlike his father in every way except color and he has a fierce will to fight, though he does have a soft spot, and cares for both his rider and his riders mate Anquet. Narafth hell get used too, maybe. His sparkling black scales are edged in blue and seemed to be spangled in stars when he moves, while his blue eyes glow brightly and seem to pulse with his heartbeat. Like his father, he has power over all elements and has the ability to manipulate time itself, his mindmagic is medicore at best and apprentice level at worst. (Meaning limited telekinesis, ex. He can only transport himself and his rider, maybe some baggage as long as its attached to him, into hyperspace.)


Aelia and Silver Ginfala - lacking any magic except basic wind magic, Ginfala likes to think of herself as a Pernese dragon, dispite her shinning scales and glowing blue eyes.


Soliat and Copper Shael- Proud and independent, Shael likes to hear himself talk, and will do anything for an audience, but hes fiercely loyal to his friends, especially his bondmate, dispite himself. He's not terrible interested in females surprisingly enough, and most believe that one day, hell make a great leader along with his rider. Although lacking in mindmagic, Shael is gifted in all the elements except earth.

Oogles and Purple Vasael- description coming soon


Shan and Lrg. Lightning Blue Sonvyr - His size is a part of his color for the simple reason that this blue is immense! His size easily rivals that of pernese golds and he has legendary written all over him, with a fierce fighting spirit and a calm pride, Sonvyr is a force to be reckoned with. His powers are that of lightning and mind.


Atavi and Blue Karasun - A puppy like dragon, Karasun will like nothing more then to please his rider and get good food. He craves attention and has such a bubbly personality and innocent view on life that few in the bowels of Fire Ridge would want to see his spirit dimmed by the Wars. His powers are mainly water and wind.

Atlas and Blue Furai - Reserved and patient, Furai is lightning fast in the air and shows the traits necessary to be a top level wing Messenger. Furai also has a powerful hold over lightning, and has the ability to call it down from the heavens even on a stormless night.


Fall and Red Raetalen - A beautiful and deadly fire dragoness, Raetalen has spirit, and attitude, and is never afraid to show it. Her elemental powers are reserved only for Fire and some wind magic.


Dance Fairy and Green Seirade - Light and delicate, Seirade is a gem of a dragon that inherited her fathers glowing eyes in the oddest of ways, at night, her entire body gives off a faint glow the color of a dazzling emerald.