Midnight Silence


Midnight Silence


     Full night had finally descended on the rural farming town of Olsenwood Heights, and as the stars came out in all their icy brilliance, everyone forgot about the terrible wars that were tearing their world apart and further pulling it, and them as they slept in their warm beds, into chaos and darkness. But high atop the rooftops of the commercial district, one lone figure did not forget, could not forget.


            Alone for the moment, Amarine Umbra let the tears she had kept in check all day fall free down her pale cheeks, trembling in remembered pain and trying desperately to fight the nightmares of bloodshed and carnage that haunted her steps day and night.  But it was all for naught, for deep down the young woman knew she could not escape the reality of her existence as long as she soaked her hands in blood everyday.


            Drawing in a deep breath, Amarine inhaled the sweet smells of forest and sky, of damp earth and flowing water as the scents drifted through the smoke of many fires to her rooftop perch. And as the midnight breeze drifted about her and filled the air with its silent passage, she found herself drawn once more to the glowing glory of the three moons, in particular the silver luminescence of Valarae. Staring into the entrancing moon glow, she let her thoughts drift to other things, mainly how she had gotten to this peak of loneliness, but also of her troublesome other side, which had thankfully not reared his ugly head for quite some time.


            Shuddering lightly, she tried once again to forget how she had first acquired her unicorn half. But the words of old Grumpy stilled her. If you want to survive in this life you lead Amarine, then you must face your fears, even if your biggest fear is of yourself. At the time, she had sighed in exasperation and nodded in a way that bespoke of her intolerance for advice and her impatience with the old, failing in every way to see the wisdom in the old mans words.


            But now I do, oh Grumpy now I understand and see all to clearly. Closing her eyes, Amarine let the moonlight fall gently on her upturned face as she opened the floodgates of cold and darkness, and let the memories return once more. Now in her minds eye, she could see once again the faces of the five brutish men who took her, and saw the evil glint in their piggish eyes.


:: 5 years earlier::


            "Well, lads look what we got 'ere! A live wire if I do say so m'self. " a jovial voice said rather drunkenly, the friendliness of the tone belying the maliciousness of the intent. Shivering in both fear and cold, Amarine shrunk away from the voice, her momentary feeling of triumph at managing to seriously hurt, if not kill, one of her tormenters dissapating in the cold breeze that blew around her heart. Her stomach hurt terribly from the brutal blow she had recieved after taking one man down, and the rest of her hurt from various beatings she had gotten when these brutes had captured her. The bindings about her wrists bit painfully into her flesh, while the gag in her mouth cut deep into her bloody mouth.

       Gasping for breath, Amarine was unceremoniously hauled to her feet and slammed harshly against the stone wall surrounding her prison. Callused hands held her in place, somewhat off the floor, while others caressed her lean form. In a rage, the ex-assassin struck back, thrashing about wildly, trying to hit any part of her attackers with any part of her body. Unfortunatly, she was blindfolded, and as her head connected with the wall and delerium took over, all she heard was laughing...

     When next she awoke, it was to searing pain the likes she had never known all across her body.  And inside her, she felt unclean, ugly, and the violation threatened to emerse her in a deep depression if she ever managed to survive this trauma. Her rough blindfold had been removed, and as her eyes adjusted to seeing once more, even though it was night, she suddenly wished she was still blinded.

    Four men stood in a loose semi-circle around her inert form, all held shovels, and most of them sported large bruises she could help but smirk a little at.

At least my humor never deserted me, even if the Gods had, and the world forgot about me.

      They had been whispering loudly amongst themselves, and when they noticed she was awake, stopped, all eyes on her. One of the larger ones, with beady blue eyes, dropped to one knee next to where she was sprawled across the ground and grabbed her chin, tilting her face towards him.

 "Say hello to the Keeper for us darling, you be meetin 'im real soon." Then he kissed her mockingly and motioned for the others to pick her up and stepped back. But by now Amarine was too tired to fight, and just lay limp as they picked her up and carried her away, already preparing herself for the end.  Suddenly she was airborn, and  the sensation of falling forever seemed to go on and on...